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What is Certification Management, and Why Is It Important?

The Greenshades Marketing Team
Mar 30, 2022
10 min

What is Certification Management?

Certification Management is the process of managing digital certifications, licenses, and applicable documents. Management entails the creation of requirements, the storage of certificates, the distribution of requirements, and the creation and control of expiration dates. Read our brochure to learn about the cert management features, or schedule a meeting with our Sales team for a deeper dive and pricing information.

Why is Certification Management important?

Due to unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses prioritize efficiency and maximize administration operations, bringing them to the forefront to better support and manage employees. Certification management allows companies to comply with city, state, and federal guidelines involving vaccinations, licenses, and certifications. Not only are official documents involved in certification management, but company-wide training and certificates can be tracked and given due dates.

Document management has always been important in order to stay compliant and follow local, state, and federal laws. However, as business becomes more digital and more is required from employees and administration, there is a need for an updated and automated document management module, like Greenshades’ new certification module.

The New Greenshades Certification Module  

The Greenshades employee self-service platform now includes functionality that allows users to track expiration dates for certifications, licenses, and vaccinations. It also stores documents and runs daily automated reports to notify the system (or anyone you want– admins, managers, and employees) of compliance violations within a set expiration period. This level of automation takes the ease off the administrator during onboarding and makes for a more straightforward process for employers who onboard multiple employees at once.

The certification management module also offers a reporting dashboard for administrators’ compliance information. Administrators will now have complete visibility into expired items that need immediate action, upcoming expiration dates, and total compliance items. In addition, an abundance of other reports gives them a 360 view of their employee’s compliance, so they are never in the dark. The new certification and license management feature fills a gap in the current document management tool.

Please read our full Press Release here.  

You can find a Sneak Preview here or watch the video above.

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