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Webinar Recap: Modernize Your ERP Payroll Solution with Greenshades

Jerika Holton
Mar 3, 2023

While processing payroll within your ERP system may have been sufficient for GP users for years, it may not offer the most efficient and effective solution for modern organizations. It's always worth exploring better options, and that's where a cloud-based provider like Greenshades Payroll comes in. By partnering with Greenshades, you can benefit from Payroll, HR and Tax software that was built on compliance.  

Explore the benefits of utilizing a cloud-based provider that can not only grow and scale with you, but whose sole mission is to make your HR department run smoothly through payroll, HR, and tax software.

Watch the Modernize Your ERP Payroll Solution With Greenshades webinar here.


Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) has a long history of providing robust ERP software to help organizations streamline business operations. In 2013 GP extended its product offering by rolling out the payroll and HR module extension to cover more business operations. While the solution has worked well for organizations for over a decade, as the world moves towards cloud-based software, it is time to think about future technology. Microsoft’s main focus is ERP not payroll.

The Greenshades Solution

The Greenshades software enhances the GP system by offering users a cloud-based solution that takes complex processes and calculations and makes them easy.  

  • Flexibility: Run payroll on your terms/schedule with unlimited pay runs at no extra cost. Configure the software to fit your unique payroll needs and make changes on-the-fly in real-time.
  • Control of Cash Flow: Keep control of your funds by paying when payroll taxes are due instead of pre-funding an account.
  • Open API: Connect with the ERP, timekeeping, or accounting systems critical to your business.
  • Complex Payroll: Set payroll codes to help further define how payroll should be calculated. Easily tackle complex shifts, blended OT, multiple locations, complicated withholdings, and more.
  • Control Access: Support for multi-company and limited payroll admins, determine who has access to sets of payroll & HR data.
  • Employee Engagement: Pay employees by paper checks, direct deposit, or banking options like Branch. Give employees easy access to pay stubs and important forms and documents through the ESS portal. 

Modernize Your ERP System

Modern Payroll Solution

Processing payroll inside a cloud-based software brings a high level of automation, ease of updates, and integration capabilities for GL reporting in the system of your choice. Using a provider such as Greenshades you can run the entire payroll process step-by-step inside one simple workflow. Using the payroll wizard complex location-specific tax withholdings are automatically calculated, and you stay in line FLSA workplaces guidelines.

GP payroll software resembles a dated windows style interface. Although it handles most payroll functionality, there are pop-up windows that can add extra time to the payroll process since you are taking those few extra minutes to click around. On-premise payroll software lacks the flexibility to automate updates including functionality improvements and current tax tables, so you have to get creative and use workarounds to handle more complex payroll functions such as multi-company.  

Stay in Line with Compliance

By utilizing an outside payroll and HR provider you will always stay in line with the latest workplace laws and payroll tax withholding rates. This includes staying up to date on federal, state, and local tax withholding rates and FLSA, EEOC, ACA, and other workplace agencies’ laws and regulations. Staying up to date inside an on-premise ERP solution can be complicated. The GP system is based on dexterity programming from the ‘80s. This language is reliable but outdated, so updates are not seamless and sometimes involve rewriting codes.

Scaling For the Future

Did you know that by 2025, the firm predicts more than 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms? As you continue to grow and scale your business, when you decide to move to the cloud you will be forced to move key business processes (ERP and Payroll) at once if you are processing payroll inside of Dynamics GP.  

With Greenshades Payroll you will be utilizing a cloud-based solution with an open API, so you have the flexibility to integrate with the systems of your choice. This can help ease the burden of moving all your operations at once, and payroll is a great place to start when you move to the cloud.

What does the future look like for GP?

GP is not going anywhere. Instead, Microsoft adopted the Modern Lifecycle Policy. This means over time GP users will see a slowdown in updates, customer support, and bug fixes. With Greenshades, the journey is far from over. Payroll, HR, and tax are the core of the business and will continue to grow this software far into the future.

Main Takeaways

There are three major takeaways; modernizing your payroll software, upholding compliance, and scaling for the future.

As you determine which solution is best for your business, a few good questions to ask yourself is

  1. How much time can I save my team by processing payroll in the cloud?
  1. What is the soft cost associated with processing payroll on-premise?
  1. How critical is it to stay updated on the latest tax withholdings and changes in workplace laws?
  1. Is it important to easily integrate my payroll operations with outside supporting systems?  
  1. In the future, do I see myself moving from on-premise to the cloud?

Watch the webinar, Modernize Your ERP Payroll Solution With Greenshades webinar.

Download the slide deck, Modernize Your ERP Payroll Solution With Greenshades webinar.

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