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The benefits of an employee portal

Feb 19, 2017

The key to any relationship is good communication.  Effective communication in the workplace has long been a challenge that employers have tried to solve for.  As technology has continued to improve many business processes, the days of communication through mass emails and a bulletin board in the break room has dwindled, leading way to the online employee portal.

The ‘bulletin board’ aspect of the portal is just the tip of the iceberg of what it can do. For large and small employers, the ability to make announcements and share information is vital and the ease at which it can be done is equally important.

This communication makes the staff feel more engaged with their employers and company, making it easier to have interactions with co-workers and create a non-confrontational space for the team to share ideas and express concerns.

The most successful portals focus on the employee. This can be a great place to be motivational with acknowledgements of excellence, share upcoming company activities and welcome new team members to the company.

With the ability to draw up important documents and access to them, it makes for a smoother work day across different departments. For example, once a new staff member is hired, they are often given either a company handbook, insurance or other benefits documents. A handbook that is available online cannot be lost and can be accessed easily to answer any questions they might have instead of needing to track down a handbook or interrupting a coworker with their concern.

For employers across the country who have been utilizing Direct Deposit to give their staff quicker access to their money and cut down on costs of printing, the concept of replacing paper processes with digital ones is not new.  It is an easy step for these progressive employers to move to digital pay records and replace costly manual, paper processes.  Through a portal, employees can access their paystubs online, cutting down on the cost of paper processes and postage while making the records available in a way that is easy for record keeping.

With more business solutions moving online, the employee portal has continued to grow to include benefits enrollment and management, paid time off requests, evaluations and more. If you’re looking for ways to streamline the Human Resource process and move your company toward paperless, look into an online portal.

For more information or to request a demonstration of the Greenshades Employee Services solution, click here.

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