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Sweeten the Pot by Enhancing your Casino Payroll and HR Technology

Jerika Holton
Feb 10, 2023

The casino industry is experiencing massive growth. According to Yahoo, The Global Casino Gaming Equipment Market is expected to grow by $14,265.1 million from 2023 to 2027. As the industry grows, new workforce challenges arise, causing casinos to rethink their workforce management strategy. If your team is evaluating ways to improve your payroll and HR functions, here are 5 HCM tools that are your ace in the hole for effectively managing the growing casino workforce.

Engage Casino Workers

With so many moving parts to the operation of a casino that runs 24/7 every day of the year, it can be nearly impossible to interact with every employee. A self-service portal allows managers and employees to maintain communication with alerts, bulletins, and messaging capabilities.

Employee self-service technology allows workers to access important HR functions anytime, anywhere. Instead of spending their shift chasing down managers, submitting inquiries, or spending minutes or sometimes up to hours trying to get in contact with the HR department, employee portals give workers access to HR functions like:  

  • Checking timesheets to ensure all punches are accurate
  • Benefit plan enrollment and management
  • Insights to pay history and paystubs  
  • Access to tax filing forms and important HR documents
  • The ability to update personal information
  • Manage business expenses
  • Receive important updates and notifications

The breath of the self-service functionality is up to your organization, you choose what functions you would like to give employees access to that can help ease the burden on both your employees and the HR department.  

Labor Management

Working in a casino is a fast-paced but very exciting industry to be employed by. With a range of professionals in a casino managing schedules that run around the clock to provide top-notch customer service can be difficult.  

Time Keeping

The casino floor is consistently moving. To be sure your team can focus on their customers, it is beneficial to have flexible methods for employees to clock in and clock out. Tracking time through the self-service portal online, on mobile device, or through a timekeeping kiosk allows employees to clock in quickly without needing the assistance of management.

Robust Time Sheets

Utilizing timesheets that can track overtime and blended time, shift differentials, shifts crossing midnight, location-specific break rules, and paid time-off can help save time during the payroll process. With so many moving parts to running the casino, it is also beneficial to have software that can apply the employee’s hours to the correct department.

Managing Time Off

Whether an employee is sick, has an emergency, or wants to take time for some fun, employers try their best to honor time off requests from employees. In one centralized system, managers can keep track of requests and approve or deny them from the portal online or on a mobile device. Employees can also use their portal to submit time off requests from anywhere.

Digital Form Submission and Validation

Submitting all your quarterly and year-end forms utilizing HCM software can help reduce the risk of missed deadlines and costly errors. HCM software should have the ability to support federal and state unemployment tax returns, W-2s and 1099s, ACA reporting, and more.  

You can save your team time by collecting and validating critical information to create forms. Providers like Greenshades provide a dashboard to make it easy to review forms, handle bulk updates, and verify SSNs. The software also relieves the burden of form distribution. Once forms are completed, the software can distribute them digitally or through print and mail to your employees and vendors.

Don’t Gamble With your Payroll Process

Payroll is a complex process, don’t take the gamble of processing it manually. By running payroll in the cloud, you eliminate the need to manually calculate state, federal, and location-specific payroll taxes. You also save time by automatically upholding FLSA guidelines to ensure workplace compliance. A simple payroll workflow can allow you to quickly identify suspicious areas instead of searching through every line of paperwork or spreadsheet checking for accuracy.

Save your payroll team time and money, by reducing the risk of costly errors with automatic processing of complex payroll calculations while maintaining compliance.  

HR Technology

The HR department, like the casino floor, consists of many moving parts that must work seamlessly together to operate efficiently. By combing your human resource functions, you can allow information to flow from each system, so there is no more duplicate entry or time spent going through the paperwork. By housing information in the cloud, you also add an extra layer of security to your secure employee information.

Key HR Features

  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Attract top talent and give new hires a welcoming experience through the onboarding process.
  • Certification and License Tracking: Ensure employees are up to date on the required certifications and licenses for their position.
  • HR documents libraries: House all employee documents in the cloud for a more secure and organized system.
  • Learning Management: Support employees in their career development by offering training to help them advance.
  • Benefits: Enhance the open enrollment process by offering health, dental, vision, and more benefits in one simple workflow. Employees can compare plans they are eligible for to make the best decision for their wallet.

What Tools Do I Need for My Casino?

The casino industry has a diverse workforce ranging from different skills, schedules, and payroll requirements. Finding a provider who understands your key business needs will go a long way in ensuring that the unique needs of the casino industry are met. The tools listed above are key to helping your casino thrive; however, the list does not include tools such as learning management, performance management, applicant tracking, or other tools that can also be beneficial. Be sure to ask a provider what tools and integrations they offer to expand your HCM suite.

Want to learn more about how Greenshades can help improve your casino’s HCM functions? Contact us at  

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