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Greenshades Online update to Employee Services - vaccine update

January 26, 2022
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Greenshadesonline.com > Settings > Employee Services > Certifications Management Greenshadesonline.com > Employees >Employee List > Certifications

Updated Feature:

Administrators now have the ability to choose whether or not an employee can decline a vaccination. When creating a vaccination template, the administrator can select whether or not the employee is allowed a decline option. If the administrator is adding a single vaccination to a given employee, they can also enable this option directly from the employee card.

If this setting is enabled, then either the administrator or the employee (who ever completes the vaccine details) will be able to select that the employee declines the vaccine. Once the vaccine is then submitted, the card will go into a new “green” status called Decline. This new status will display for the employee card and can be pulled in reports as well. The employee will not be able to edit anything in a Declined status.


Greenshadesonline.com > Employees > Certifications Management Dashboard

New Feature:

A new report is available on the Certification Management Dashboard called the “Date Renewed Report”. This report gives administrators visibility into any updated expiry dates (and when they were updated) for any certifications in the system. This report includes the following details:

  • Employee Name and ID
  • Certification Name
  • Certification Type (certification, vaccine, license, other)
  • Issued Date
  • Renewed Date (this is the date that the expiry date was updated by either the administrator or the employee)
  • Previous Expiry Date
  • Current Expiry Date

The administrator can also add additional demographic details to the report such as department, position, location, or class information and filter by these fields. Like many of the new Greenshades reports, administrators are also able to customize and save these reports.

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