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Recap: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Employee Benefits

Brittany Miller
Oct 11, 2023
5 mins


Greenshades, a leader in payroll and HR solutions, recently partnered with Tapcheck, an innovative financial wellness platform, to host a webinar on building effective employee benefits packages. This webinar was hosted by industry experts Jodi Thibedeau, Greenshades' Account Executive, and Sean Dougherty, Tapcheck's Senior Director of Business Development. Together they discussed key insights into crafting unique benefits packages, promoting financial empowerment through earned wage access, and well-being. Let's explore some of the key themes.

Webinar Speaker Information - Jodi Thibedeau and Sean Dougherty

Watch the On-Demand Webinar here:

The Changing Landscape

As Greenshades' Jodi Thibedeau explained, today's employees have diverse needs, making a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective. She noted, "The world of employee benefits is no longer one-size-fits-all. Employees have diverse needs and expectations, making customization a necessity."  

Tapcheck's Sean Dougherty emphasized technology as an enabler for this personalization and access to earned wages, saying, "Employers must adapt to changing demographics and workforce preferences to attract and retain talent. Tools like earned wage access provide flexibility and empowerment."

Slide from Webinar: Why shift from tradition to innovative employee benefits

Crafting a Unique Benefits Package

Thibedeau discussed the importance of crafting a specialized benefits package tailored to individual employees. She emphasized, "Personalization is key. It's about offering benefits that align with your employees' needs, whether it's flexible schedules, wellness programs, or financial incentives like earned wage access. "  

Slide from webinar: Utilizing Technology to engage your workforce by integrating with softwares that address employee needs

Dougherty added, "Earned wage access gives employees flexibility to access wages they've already earned before payday. This can relieve financial stress and improve productivity."  

One technology solution that greatly facilitates this process is the Greenshades platform. Greenshades offers a comprehensive benefits management system that enables organizations to design and administer personalized benefits packages effortlessly. Through our user-friendly tools and intuitive interface, employers can efficiently tailor benefits options, such as health plans, retirement contributions, or even tuition reimbursement, all while ensuring compliance and seamless administration. This not only simplifies benefits customization but also enhances employee satisfaction, as they can select the perks most relevant to their lives. With Greenshades, the process of crafting a unique benefits package becomes both a strategic advantage for the organization and a meaningful perk for the employees.

Webinar slide: Todays Economic Landscape - how to address that 70% of American employees are feeling financially stressed

Financial Empowerment and Well-Being

Thibedeau and Dougherty both stressed the importance of financial wellness programs and resources, including innovative tools like earned wage access. With financial concerns being a major source of employee stress, providing options to access earned wages along with resources to empower financial management can significantly improve satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Webinar Slide: Greenshades and Tapcheck are a powerful software collaboration to attract and retain talent


The core takeaway was clear: employers must continually adapt their benefits offerings to evolving workforce preferences and needs. A customized, employee-centric approach focused on financial well-being through earned wage access and enabled by collaborative innovation will be key to engaging and retaining top talent in the years ahead.

Want to learn more about how Greenshades and Tapcheck can help you create a customized, financially empowering benefits program? Schedule a demo today and talk to our industry to evaluate your current benefits administrative program.

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