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On-Demand Webinar: The Full Employee Cycle

Sep 16, 2022

Greenshades' VP of Revenue Operations & Strategy, Chris Hadden, CPP, presents a webinar on our powerful Green Employee portal and how creating and maintaining accurate employee records is more important than ever.  

This webinar consists of five important topics: 

  1. Greenshades – An Introduction & Overview 
  2. Starting Strong – Exceptional Employee Onboarding  
  3. Product Demonstration (this is available to watch in our webinar replay) 
  4. Beyond Onboarding – Supporting Workers from "Hire to Retire" 
  5. Additional Greenshades Benefits  

Watch the On-Demand Webinar: 

Read the Webinar Recap: 

1. About Greenshades

For 20 years, Greenshades has been a leader in payroll, HR, tax, and compliance committed to assisting mid-market companies and their unique business needs. For companies with 50-5,000 employees, Greenshades is a complete solution for the entirety of the employee lifecycle, from "hire to retire."  

This webinar focuses on payroll, human resources, and benefits management sections of the Greenshades solutions and provides insight into onboarding, employee empowerment, and employee retention.

2. Starting Strong: Delivering Exceptional Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is critical. Not only is it the first "real" introduction to the business for the employee, but it is also the time to collect and present vital information to the new hire. The initial interaction during onboarding, beyond the "welcome" presentation from HR, often provides a glimpse of what it will be like being a part of the business. Onboarding can be the "make or break" for employees deciding to stay with a company. 

During onboarding, essential employee information includes: 

  • I-9 data (identify and eligibility) 
  • W-4 data (tax withholdings) 
  • Benefits elections (required and voluntary) 

The stakes are high during onboarding; getting the employee adequately set up is crucial for success. Errors at this stage are amplified because so much relies on the onboarding process. This includes factors such as: 

  • Proper tax withholdings (federal, state, and local jurisdictions) 
  • Withholdings and beneficiaries for various insurance and benefit programs  

The Automated Approach 

There are many benefits to taking an automated approach to onboarding.  

  • Cut down on human errors
  • Less time-consuming for HR staff 
  • Improves accuracy by eliminating the need to transcribe or re-key information into paper forms  
  • Employee empowerment is driven by the ability to access documents in a web environment, anywhere and at any time
  • Provides the opportunity for employees to get comfortable using the system, which is crucial for any additional self-service capabilities  

The right platform will reduce or eliminate the most common employee data challenges; what are those challenges? 

  • Incomplete paperwork or dated forms 
  • Incomplete or erroneous data  
  • Inconsistent processes from employee to employee (depending on the size of the organization and the types of employees, this may be a significant challenge) 
  • Employee data going "stale" due to life changes  
  • "Islands of information" are created across employee types (your organization might have great information in one area or for one kind of employee but doesn't feed into other areas of the employee record) 

To view the product demonstration, please watch the webinar replay.

3. Beyond Onboarding: Supporting Workers from “Hire to Retire”

How can you support your employees 24/7?

Green Employee allows workers to access documents, make changes, and complete tasks whenever and wherever. 

  • The portal is a "one-stop-shop" for all employee documents like handbooks, forms, pay stubs, tax documents, etc.  
  • Our certification management capabilities offer to track certifications and licenses and even alert employees when it's time for renewal or update 
  • Employees can complete open enrollment, initiate 401(k) participation, and other tasks throughout their tenure  

The workforce has changed so much since the pandemic, recruiting new employees has never been as difficult. New challenges await at every turn. Once recruited, it's important to work towards retention and allow employees to grow and prosper, especially remote workers. Greenshades offers many enhancements through our partnerships and integrations to give businesses and their employees an environment to foster good company culture and keep people working. 

Some of those enhancements and employee empowerment tools are: 

  • Employee education and learning management systems (LMS) like LearnUpon 
  • Communication portals to post open positions and encourage employees to apply  
  • An applicant tracking system like JazzHR
  • Access to additional healthcare payment programs like Paytient
  • Earned Wage Access 
  • ...and many more  

4. Additional Greenshades Benefits

Furthermore, everything discussed in this webinar, from the employee lifecycle to the Green Employee portal, and the importance of onboarding, there are so many additional benefits that Greenshades has to offer:  

  • Dedicated Payroll & HR Platform  
  • Designed for your unique business needs  
  • Add-on services to enhance the employee experience  
  • Dedicated support to ensure you never "go it alone" 

In terms of automation, Greenshades' automated updates will give you peace of mind: 

  • Automatic updates based on market changes  
  • Enhanced compliance capabilities  
  • Stress-free reciprocity agreements  
  • Individual tax return preparation made easy  

Compliance is at the core of everything we do, and Greenshades helps you achieve compliance with confidence: 

  • Automated ACA adherence  
  • Stress-free reductions and garnishments  
  • Minimum wage compliance for all  

To learn more about how Greenshades can help empower your employees and automate onboarding, contact or visit  

Watch the full on-demand webinar, The Full Employee Cycle.

Visit and click on the resources tab where we keep you in the know about future webinars. 

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