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Maximizing Profit and Efficiency for Staffing Companies

Lauren DeBisschop
Apr 21, 2023

The Critical Role of Cost and Project Accounting

Staying competitive in a dynamic and fast-paced industry requires effective financial management. In the staffing industry, cost and project accounting are two processes beneficial for managing financial information related to business operations and projects.

Staffing firms can optimize their costs, increase profitability, and deliver value to their clients by using these accounting methods.

Table of Contents:

Staffing Company Cost Accounting for Profitability

Staffing companies have unique cost structures and expenses that require careful management to maintain profitability. To ensure financial health and sustainability, staffing companies may utilize cost accounting. This process helps staffing firms understand their labor expenses, which account for the majority of costs.

Analyzing cost data enables staffing firms to determine the true cost of each employee, including salaries, benefits, and other related expenses. Subsequently, their teams can identify areas for reducing costs and increasing productivity.

In addition to labor expenses, staffing agencies must manage overhead costs like any other business. These expenses include rent, utilities, and office supplies. Cost accounting provides visibility into these costs, enabling staffing firms to optimize these expenses and reduce waste.

By analyzing cost data, staffing firms can identify opportunities to lower expenses, such as moving to a smaller office or negotiating better deals with vendors. The data can also be used for gross margin reporting, a financial metric that shows the difference between revenue and cost of goods sold (COGS). The gross margin provides insight into how efficiently a company is producing and selling its products. It is a key performance indicator (KPI) used by businesses to assess profitability and inform decision-making.

Project Accounting for Staffing Agencies Resource Management

Staffing companies frequently work on a contract or project basis with clients, so accurately tracking the cost and revenue associated with each is essential. To achieve this, staffing agencies should utilize project accounting in addition to cost accounting.

Resource management is a critical piece of effective project management. Using project accounting, staffing teams review and analyze data to identify which ones are the most profitable. This information enables them to allocate supplies accordingly and ensure resources are optimized for the benefit of both the firm and its clients.

Project accounting data also provide insights regarding projects that are underperforming or not generating the expected revenue. This knowledge allows staffing firms to evaluate and adjust their strategies, potentially reallocating resources to more profitable projects. By regularly monitoring project performance, staffing companies can make informed decisions to maximize profitability and maintain a competitive edge.

Cost Accounting to Help with Compliance at Staffing Companies

Maintaining compliance is a top priority for staffing agencies as they operate within a highly regulated industry. To avoid costly penalties and fines, staffing teams must ensure they accurately track and report expenses, payroll, and taxes. Cost and project accounting play a crucial role in this process.

report on managing compliance

In addition, cost and project accounting tools enable staffing agencies to comply with other policies. By accurately tracking employee hours, wages, benefits, and other relevant information, staffing agencies can confirm employee benefit eligibility, adhere to labor regulations, and comply with other relevant policies.

Software that Supports the Staffing Industry

The right tool is a crucial component for efficiently handling project and cost accounting. Software that not only provides the data but automates the calculation of certain costs goes a long way in saving time and resources for staffing teams.

  • Project accounting software such as Sage Intacct will keep track of project budgets and actual costs, and can help agencies monitor project progress and timelines, identify potential risks and opportunities, and improve their overall project management capabilities.
  • Cost accounting software allows organizations to track and analyze costs associated with each business activity, department, or product, and make strategic decisions about resource allocation, pricing, and revenue optimization.  

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Gain Clarity into Expenses with Greenshades

Labor costs are the biggest and most crucial expense for staffing agencies. To obtain accurate project and cost accounting data, labor costs must be accounted for. Calculating the hours spent by an employee manually for each job or client can be time-consuming and increase the risk of miscalculating labor expenses. Therefore, it is important to consider ways to apply labor costs to the correct job and/or client during the payroll process to minimize errors and save time.

Breaking down labor expenses into more granular details with custom fields helps businesses reduce the risk associated with manual labor tracking. During the payroll process, you can easily assign earnings to a specific location, project, client, and more, allowing you to accurately track the true cost of labor associated with a particular project. With custom fields, businesses can gain valuable insights into their payroll data, streamline their reporting and analysis processes, and make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

By providing a simple workflow to review every detail of your pay run, businesses can feel assured that their payroll processes are accurate and efficient. With Greenshades Payroll supporting cost and project accounting with custom fields, businesses can gain valuable insights into their labor expenses, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive growth and success. The detail of custom fields provides businesses reporting and analysis details so you can gain clarity into your payroll data and make the most of your financial resources.

View the details of this feature here.

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