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Insights from Bob Scott's Top 100 ERP VARs Report

Danica Weappa
Jun 22, 2023
5 min

Highlights include leveraging cloud technology and driving growth in the ERP space.

As someone involved in the ERP ecosystem for over a decade, I finally took the time to read the Bob Scott Top 100 VARs in its entirety. It was a truly insightful read, providing a comprehensive overview of the ERP landscape. Here are a few key highlights that caught my attention:

🔹 Increased Private Equity (PE) Activity with Resellers: The reseller community is experiencing a significant surge in PE involvement, underscoring the growing importance of this market.

🔹 Strong Collaboration between ERP Publishers and VARs: Finally, ERP publishers are recognizing the pivotal role played by VARs and actively supporting them in developing their consultant infrastructure.

🔹 The Power of Branding Intellectual Property: In the ever-evolving ERP industry, branding your firm's intellectual property is becoming increasingly crucial for long-term success.

🔹 Balancing Legacy Products and Cloud Migration: While there is concern about the discontinuation of legacy products, some organizations still exhibit hesitance when it comes to migrating to cloud-based solutions.

One notable perspective shared by Matt Kenney from RSM resonates strongly: "We have tried to educate our GP clients on options. We are here to support them, but most of them are sticking with GP because Microsoft BC lacks a robust HR and payroll system."

At Greenshades, we take immense pride in supporting the GP community for over 20 years, delivering exceptional payroll, tax, and HR solutions. Our experience has allowed us to successfully migrate numerous customers from GP payroll to BC, utilizing our trusted Greenshades payroll system.

We understand that migrating payroll to the cloud requires careful consideration. Treating it as a standalone project, rather than simply integrating it into the new ERP, is crucial for achieving greater success. Neglecting the unique requirements of payroll can lead to significant risks.

To gain valuable insights into this process I invite you to explore our eBook, 5 Reasons to Start with Payroll.

Celebrating our Partners' Success

Now, let's shift our focus to a moment of celebration! I extend my congratulations to our incredible partner channel for their well-deserved recognition as Top 100 VARs. Your unwavering dedication, unparalleled expertise, and relentless commitment to delivering exceptional solutions have truly set you apart. This prestigious honor is a testament to the remarkable achievements you have made in the ERP space.

As we continue to collaborate and drive digital transformation, we fully appreciate the efforts and hard work that have propelled you to such great heights. We share in your excitement and feel privileged to work alongside these exceptional reselling firms. Together, we are reshaping the ERP landscape, embracing the future, and revolutionizing the way businesses manage their payroll and HR processes.

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