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Improving Payroll Accuracy Starts With Improving Time and Attendance

Greenshades Software
Oct 3, 2022

With inefficient methods of employee time tracking, payroll administrators must often manually add up employee timecards, audit timesheets, correct errors, verify employee time off, and more. The American Payroll Association estimates that the human error rate in timecard preparation and payroll processing can be as high as 8 percent.  

As an employer, “getting the paycheck right” has never been more important. And to deliver on that promise – week after week – you need to make sure that your time and attendance, payroll, and tax withholding processes are accurate, automated, and complete.

Here are some of the key benefits of automating employee time and attendance management to avoid payroll pitfalls:

  • Streamlines the payroll process: When processing payroll, big delays happen when you must correct missed employee punches and verify missing timecard information. The key is to find and correct mistakes in real time. Quickly find errors, adjust, and correct employee timecard errors as they occur. You can eliminate payroll processing delays by setting up managers with custom logins and permissions so they can review and correct employee time on demand, at any time. This leads to faster payroll processing and more accurate reports and payouts.
  • Complete reporting and dashboards: Accurately manage all your employee time data accurately with detailed reports you can access from anywhere, at any time. You can generate all the pay period reporting you need to better manage payroll with an extensive list of pre-built and auto-scheduled reports and even create customized reports that integrate with payroll.  
  • Smart technology time clocks and apps: Wi-Fi & ethernet smart time clocks with proximity badge readers, fingerprint scanners, and biometric facial recognition offer a variety of technology for accurate employee time capture. Right at the time clock, employees and managers can access and review timecards, benefit PTO time totals, and other valuable information – on demand. Employees can check their personal leave time and request time off from a web portal or conveniently from a smartphone app.  With the PayClock mobile app, managers and payroll admins can easily add, change, or remove punches and instantly check available sick and vacation hours for any employee. As a result, processing employee time becomes much less time-consuming on payroll day.
  • Eliminate employee time theft – Stop employee buddy punching and better manage other areas of time theft such as: taking long lunches and breaks, tardiness, and early departures. Biometric fingerprint and biometric facial recognition time clocks, as well as smartphone mobile apps with built-in employee GPS tracking, give you the most effective ways to avoid time theft and the best way to keep employees honest.  
  • Seamlessly integrates with Greenshades payroll: Employee time and attendance data that integrates and syncs with payroll software makes payroll processing much easier. Lathem’s PayClock Online time clock software helps to ease payroll processing workload by storing employee time punches and other data in the cloud, so you don’t have to enter data twice.  PayClock automates accurate calculations, vacation accruals, sick time, tracking of overtime, multiple shifts management, and more.

Introducing a Better Approach

Immediate access to employee timecard info is essential for workforce management and payroll purposes. PayClock cloud-based time clock software is accessible anywhere there's a web connection. The system is user-friendly for employees and their managers, and it frees payroll administrators from being tied to their desks during payroll processing. Out of the office, working from home, or at another location of the company, they have access to employee timesheet data, reports, and calculations to manage employee time & attendance and to complete payroll processing quickly.  

We've put together a great educational webinar to help you understand the benefits of “leveling up” your payroll and time and attendance practices!

Join us on Thursday, October 6, 2022, for Accuracy Counts: The Critical Link Between Time, Attendance, and Payroll. The session kicks off at 1:00 pm EST and will unpack some of the topics we’ve covered in this post, including:

  • Key contributors to payroll and time capture errors
  • Best practices for mitigating those errors  
  • Insights into how the right time and attendance and payroll technologies can improve day-to-day operations

We would love to see you there, so just hit this link and register today.


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