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If you use the Green Employee Mobile app then this blog is for you

The Greenshades Marketing Team
Jul 18, 2016

Greenshades is happy to announce that we have updated our mobile app. The new updates include user interface updates, but functionality updates as well.

There is a new settings page, allowing employees to add a profile picture and this picture will sync from the mobile app to Green Employees can select a picture from their phone or take a picture though the app. In addition, employees can submit feedback from the app so that we may make changes based on the user’s experience.

Many of you know that employees can currently clock-in and out with the mobile app if the employer has chosen to allow them to. Now, with improved functionality and ease,they can also transfer departments if the employer has any employees that work in different departments throughout the day.

A few months ago we added functionality allowing employees to view and download their tax forms from the mobile app. We have made some improvements based on user feedback that we received over the past few months, making that functionality app more user-friendly.

The best update to the app, in my opinion, is the added functionality for the Manger Center. Managers can now approve or deny time off requests from their Green Employee mobile app, allowing them to be more productive on the go. They may also see a list of subordinates with time-off for the current day that they are viewing, they can also view a list of clocked-in subordinates.

We have also included the employee profile in the updated app as well, allowing managers to see their personal and business information, as well as contact information for the employee and their emergency contacts.

Specifically for iPhone users, they can now use Touch ID if they have “Remember Me” enabled, allowing them to sign into the app with their fingerprint as they would when unlocking their phone for use.

In the near future, there will be another update that will provide push notification functionality. We will also be releasing an app for Windows Phones and Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets and computers. The Windows app with have all the functionality of the IOS and Android applications, as well as full expense report submissions.

If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, click here to download if you’re an iPhone user, and here to download if you’re and android user. Please rate us and give us feedback.

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