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Greenshades vs UKG

Jerika Holton
Jan 6, 2023

Greenshades and UKG provide a payroll system supporting midsized businesses across many industries. With similar product offerings, it is essential to drill down into the differences between both providers to decide which one works best for your business. The next part of this competitor blog series will evaluate the differences between Greenshades and UKG.

Implementation and Cost

Getting started with a new provider should provide a seamless and welcoming experience. With Greenshades, the integration process is tailored to your organization's unique business needs. For complex implementations such as payroll, a dedicated implementation specialist will work with your organization to understand your specific needs to develop a project plan that fits your schedule. Implementation does not have to break your wallet. Payroll implementation is offered to your organization at no extra cost, so during these uncertain economic times, organizations can hold onto cash flow while still having the ability to implement new software. Costs start at $10 PEPM for core payroll and HR services, with no extra cost per pay run and no pre-funded payroll tax account. Greenshades provides a pricing plan that is cost-effective for any organization.

UKG Pro streamlines the implementation process by giving organizations full visibility into the implementation process and a plan to fit your unique needs. UKG has created a seamless implementation process; however, it comes at a premium price of 30-40% of your annual contract fee, which can be an expensive process. The process has been reported to be complex and time-consuming; although support is provided, implementation can be lengthy. With an in-house provider like Greenshades, the configuration can be done without a heavy lift. For organizations that use providers that have a complex implementation process, if your business needs to configure the software to meet your new business objectives, it can be a complex process. Costs at UKG have been reported to start around $24 PEPM, this can be a costly solution for most organizations.

Cloud-Based Secure Platform

HR and payroll software houses essential information that is attractive to hackers, such as SSNs, banking information, addresses, and more. Therefore, Greenshades software is built to secure employees’ personal information and the organization’s sensitive data through methods like password complexity, IP whitelisting, multifactor authentication, and lockout and expiration rules. If you ever suspect suspicious activity, Greenshades security personnel are by your side to assist with the investigation.

In 2021 a ransom attack affected about 2,000 organizations using UKG Kronos Private Cloud timekeeping technology. During this time, employers were instructed to do manual entries for timekeeping in Microsoft Word or Excel, causing many HR departments to do more manual labor that can be time-consuming. Now in 2022, SHRM reports UKG is still dealing with the fallout from this security breach as they deal with lawsuits and other data breaches related to the attack.

One Unified Platform

Greenshades software offers a unified platform for payroll, HR, benefits, time and attendance, and tax needs. One login is needed to access each part of the platform, and with a user-friendly interface, users can easily navigate to what they need. The platform allows for a streamlined experience for both employers and employees, and the open API allows for seamless integrations with an organization's accounting, ERP, or any other systems they may use to support the payroll and HR functions.

UKG Pro has a strong HCM product offering, with solutions that cover almost all payroll and HR needs. UKG robust product offering comes together through acquisitions and third-party white labeling, user reviews say it does not feel the platform is unified. The open API allows for good integration capabilities; however, Outsail reports the older architecture can present challenges for newer integrations.

Who is the Winner?

In conclusion, both Greenshades and UKG provide a robust payroll and HR solution that is suited to serve your organization. When it comes to evaluating which solution is best for your business, you must ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will my business benefit from having no payroll implementation fee?
  • Will my business benefit from being notified when it is time to pay payroll taxes, or does an automated pre-funded payroll account work better?
  • Do I need the ability to make business changes without contacting support?
  • Is security important to my company?

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