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Greenshades vs. UKG an In-depth Comparison

Compare the key differences when it comes to evaluating which solution is best for your business between Greenshades and UKG. 

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Why UKG Customers Love Greenshades

Greenshades Software offers cloud-based, intuitive, modern real-time solutions that give visibility and control over payroll and HR processes. The Greenshades solution is built security and compliance, ensuring your business stays compliant and secure from employee hire to retirement.  Greenshades has been in business for 20 years, so you can be sure we can serve your unique business needs. 

99% compliant tax fillings
Compliant Tax Filings

In 2021 Greenshades facilitated over 150,000 tax filings all while maintaining 99.9999% accuracy. How does UKG stack up?

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 GetApp Rating of 4.4

GetApp rates our pre-tax deduction calculations for Greenshades payroll as our top-rated feature.

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Likelihood to Recommend

At Greenshades our clients are our family. We ensure our clients have what they need to make sure they succeed.  (UKG had 65.3%)

Greenshades Vs UKG

Compare Pricing and Features

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One Unified Platform
Separate programs & user experience
Automated Taxes
Mobile Access
Payroll Reports
Direct Deposit
Expense Management
Not Included
Getting Started
$ (Included)
$$$$ (30-40% of annual cost)
Starting price
$ ($7pepm)
$$$$ ($24pepm)
*Competitive data on this page was collected as of August 2022 and is subject to change or update. Greenshades does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

What Makes Greenshades the Best Alternative to UKG 

Both Greenshades and UKG provide a payroll system that supports businesses of various sizes and across many industries. When evaluating the two solutions, UKG serves companies both domestically and globally with UKG Pro focused on medium-sized organizations. Greenshades software is suited to serve a wide range of industries, with a focus on the deskless worker and mid-large size organizations. Your business need will determine who is best suited to serve your business.

Getting Started

Greenshades makes getting started easier than ever by offering a hands-on approach with no extra cost to you for payroll integrations. We understand that every use case is unique, so we create a project plan specifically suited for your business. When implementing our more complex products, such as payroll, you will receive a dedicated implementation specialist to shepherd you through the process.

UKG Pro streamlines the implementation process by giving organizations visibility, collaboration, and a plan to fit your unique needs. UKG has created a seamless implementation process, however, it comes at a premium price and the process can be complex and time-consuming.

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Unified Platform

Greenshade’s software offers a unified platform that allows information to flow freely between each module to eliminate the need for duplicate entries and allow for a streamlined experience.

UkG Pro has a strong HCM product offering, including a wide range of modules users to access for their payroll and HR needs. UKG system comes together through acquisitions so the system creates separate user experiences.

Our Customers Say It Best
“Greenshades reduces the time required to accomplish certain tasks and makes the process more efficient and organized. This, in turn, frees up time to dedicate to the process improvements that sustain the company’s growth.”
Angelo Tremolada
Corporate Controller, CPA, CGMA
“This software is much less expensive than any other product I have reviewed. For the price, it is easy to use and I like that the information entered in the Greenshades software carries over to our payroll system entry for entry instead of a general "dump" of information on the accounting side.”
Ruth R.
Higher Education, 201-500 employees
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