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Greenshades vs PrismHR

Jerika Holton
Jan 13, 2023

Finding a provider that can handle unique payroll and HR (Human Resources) needs is crucial to ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. The provider you choose will depend on your specific business needs. The next part of the blog series will explore how Greenshades and PrismHR compare.

Industry Expertise

Greenshades was built to support the deskless workforce across various industries like staffing, healthcare, transportation, nonprofits, and the manufacturing industry. Leading names in the staffing industry. like Bullhorn, use Greenshades payroll and onboarding engine for their solutions. Expertise gathered from supporting several industries that support the complex needs of deskless workers has helped to build a solution capable of tackling complex payroll scenarios. A few of these complex payroll needs include tax codes, garnishment, overtime, shift differentials, and more. Engaging with the remote workforce is made easy with employee self-service. Employers can easily communicate through bulletins and notifications for important deadlines. With a wide range of industry expertise, Greenshades has the experience to support your most complex payroll, HR, and tax needs.

PrismHR payroll and HR software are built to support professional employer organizations (PEO) and administrative service organizations (ASO). The payroll and HR software is built to support staffing agencies. Staffing organizations have the option to outsource the payroll and HR operations entirely or to gain access to the software to assist the HR department. A completely outsourced solution can be an excellent fit for some organizations. However, you lose the degree of control and flexibility you gain with an in-house provider like Greenshades. This expertise in staffing is beneficial, but the lack of knowledge across industries means that complex payroll needs may take more manual labor and assistance.

Built-in Compliance

Greenshades has been supporting tax and compliance needs for organizations for over 20 years. The compliant-based software automatically calculates tax withholdings based on jurisdiction, upholds minimum wage compliance, accurately calculates overtime and shift differentials, and more. The intuitive dashboard gives managers a 360-degree view of ACA compliance year around to maintain compliance with ACA provisions. When it is time for year-end, Greenshades collects and validates year-end form information; once the review is completed, organizations can distribute forms by print and mail or digitally to employees. Organizations will be alerted of upcoming filing deadlines to help avoid fees and penalties for missing filing dates.

PrismHR software calculates payroll taxes and provides a comprehensive ACA dashboard to help organizations stay in line with ACA provisions. Although PrismHR has some payroll tax and compliance functionality, the software must rely on marketplace partners to fill any gaps instead of doing it all in-house. Utilizing marketplace partners such as Master Tax, Asure, BP Logix, and more PrismHR customers must use a third-party partner for year-end forms, state-specific payroll taxes, and compliance needs.

Bullhorn Integration

Greenshades provides a seamless general ledger integration to save bullhorn customers time on backend payroll and HR operations, so there is more time to spend focusing on recruiting top talent. HR teams can save time and money by streamlining HR processes and empowering employees to take charge of their HR functions through the self-service portal. Unlimited pay runs at no extra charge, and no pre-funded account for payroll taxes allows organizations more access and control of their funds for unexpected situations. The payroll wizard simplifies the payroll process through a payroll review checklist that identifies areas that need reviewing, processes real-time calculations, and is equipped with built-in compliance checks. The process of running payroll will no longer take hours. Instead, payroll can be run in a matter of minutes. Employee data is pre-populated into year-end forms for easy review. Once the review is completed, distribute forms either digitally or through the mail with ease, so year-end form processing is a breeze.

PrismHR integrates with Bullhorn software to offer a payroll and HR platform built for staffing agencies. The software is built to streamline payroll, HR, onboarding, time management, and tax and compliance through marketplace partners. Unlike Greenshades, PrismHR offers a completely outsourced solution for HR operations, where you can allow PrismHR to process all payroll, HR, and tax and compliance needs utilizing marketplace partners. While outsourcing is a great fit for some organizations, it does mean you lose the control and flexibility you receive using an in-house provider like Greenshades. For staffing agencies, it is important to have control and flexibility when you may need extra pay runs, termination pay, or last-minute payroll updates. With Greenshades organizations have the flexibility to handle these situations, with PrismHR agencies could be slowed down by getting approval before acting.


Customer reviews can be helpful in the purchasing decision by allowing organizations to hear real feedback from their peers.


  • G2 rates 4.3
  • GetApp 4.4
  • Software Advice 4.36
  • G2 High Performer Mid-Market Summer 2022 award
  • Capterra rates Greenshades a 4.4, and for “Likelihood to Recommend,” Greenshades results show that 90.9% of users would recommend Greenshades products.


  • G2 PrismHR rates 3.8
  • Capterra rate PrismHR a 5, and for “Likelihood to Recommend,” PrismHR results show that 50% of users would recommend PrismHR products.

PrismHR does not have many user reviews online, so it can hard for organizations to get real feedback on the software’s performance.

Who is the Best Choice for Your Business?

Both Greenshades and PrismHR provide a payroll system that supports midsized organizations and Bullhorn customers. Greenshades has a wide array of industry expertise, software built on compliance, and strong bullhorn integration. If you do not take Greenshades word for it, check out honest company feedback on various software review sites. PrismHR strongly focuses on the staffing industry, a marketplace for partners to support tax needs, and Bullhorn integration.

When evaluating the two solutions, the degree of flexibility, control, and support for complex payroll and tax needs will determine what solution is best suited to serve your business. When it comes to evaluating which solution is best for your business, you must ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will my business benefit from having control and flexibility over my payroll and HR operations?
  • What complex payroll needs do you need payroll software to simplify?
  • Do I need the ability to make business changes without contacting support?
  • Is handling tax and compliance all in one platform important to my company?

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