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Greenshades Online Administrator User Interface Updates

Aug 4, 2017

We are consistently working to take feedback and implement it into our systems. In fact, they are the basis for most of our user interface updates. This week, we are releasing several user interface changes that have been requested from our customers to make your experience easier.

During the last month, we have released new updates to the Administrator Access of Greenshades Online. Here are a few of the changes made.

Employment type

On the employee list, you can now see the employment type in the columns. You can choose it and then move it to the place or column that you would like.

The Administrator Access Controls user interface

Instead of the long list that appeared on the Access Settings tab from Administrator access, you are now able to view your admins in a nice grid, showing the Administrators, their level, group access, and more. In addition, adding a new Administrator has been condensed into one-step and one button.

Once you click the add administrator button, you will be asked to add either a brand new Administrator (whereas before you would add a new contact and Administrator) or a current contact. If you are adding a new Administrator, you will be prompted through a series of questions to add a new Administrator, then save.

Better Defined administrative roles
If you’ve ever been curious as to what the difference is between what a Super Administrator can do versus a Limited Administrator, we have added a quick dialogue for comparison that is available via the help icon (“?”) next to Greenshades Online Roles.

Limited access to formsets and modules

This area allows the Administrator to choose which formsets and modules are seen or available to certain Administrators. Keep in mind, only Super Administrators can make these changes if they, themselves, have access to those formsets or modules.

Administrator Access Details for Year-End Forms

This window shows what formsets that you administrator. If you are a super adminstrator on the following formsets you may therefore configure access for other users. If you are able to configure, check the box next to the formsets that the user/admin may administer.

These changes were based on end-user feedback and implemented so that the product is easier to use for Administrators on the front lines of the product.If you have further questions, please contact

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