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Coda Search – Harnessing the Power of Greenshades Payroll for Rapid Expansion

Lauren DeBisschop
Nov 15, 2022

Growth is tremendous for business – but when payroll cannot keep pace, additional challenges can result. Coda Search (Coda), a small business in the staffing industry, experienced just that as they expanded into five additional states at the beginning of 2022.  

As their payroll and HR challenges threatened Coda’s continued expansion, they turned to Greenshades. After implementing the Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform, Coda's main struggles diminished significantly, allowing them to continue expanding without hesitation.

As a result, 2022 is trending to be the best year of business growth for Coda.

The Challenges of Outsourcing Payroll

Before Greenshades, Coda chose to outsource its payroll to a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) firm so the company could focus on growth and expansion initiatives. However, over time it became evident that outsourcing payroll made things more challenging than initially expected.  

Coda's biggest obstacles centered around a lack of visibility and time-consuming processes. With limited access to the data and little control over payroll, the system became cumbersome and inefficient for Coda's team.  

In addition, HR documents were filed and stored manually, making onboarding and HR processes time-consuming and difficult. Employees were also frustrated because they did not have direct access to their pay information.  

As this went on, Coda realized they were spending more time trying to manage the complexities of the payroll system than they were on strategic initiatives for the future of the company.

The Greenshades Solution

Staffing companies that harness the power of a comprehensive payroll solution experience numerous benefits. As such, Coda turned to Greenshades to bring payroll in-house. They started implementing the Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform in mid-February and were up and running by April 1. Taking advantage of Greenshades' end-to-end solution, Coda now has a complete HR and onboarding system, employee self-service, and a tax center.  

In just a few months, Coda has experienced multiple positive changes in its day-to-day functions:  

  • Coda employees benefit from having direct access to their paystubs and other HR documents.  
  • Managers no longer waste time with unnecessary manual processes when it comes to pay time.  
  • Coda's tax calculations are more accurate, increasing compliance for the company overall.  

Overall, the powerful "one-stop shop" of Greenshades platform gave Coda peace of mind regarding payroll, HR, and tax processes. .  

"Greenshades' support staff is always accessible; you don't have to jump through hoops to speak with a live person as you do with larger payroll providers. Greenshades has never made us feel like a case number- personal connections and communication mean everything."

-Leon Persaud, Controller

image of computer with coda case study
To read more about their success, view the full case study.

Room for Growth

By moving many of their payroll, HR, and tax processes in-house with Greenshades, Coda is much more prepared for the future. With improved visibility and better control of its payroll and HR processes, the time previously spent on manual processes is now spent on more strategic functions. As a result, Coda has significantly more time to strategize for growth and expansion, and they are not slowing down anytime soon.  

About Coda

Founded in 2011, Coda Search (Coda) is an executive search firm specializing in identifying and placing candidates at all levels. While headquartered in New York City, Coda recruits and places candidates in every state. Their team specializes in staffing in technology, accounting, finance, life sciences, healthcare, and more. To learn more, visit their website.  

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