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myHRcounsel is the reliable source for HR and Compliance Services. We provide your business with compliance solutions that are online & on-demand, provide legal advice with no disclaimers, all at an affordable and predictable price. You receive unlimited access to experienced attorneys, licensed in all 50 states, through an encrypted online portal and/or mobile app with legally backed answers guaranteed within 2 hours or less. So, no more guesswork – just the right answer, faster.

No more guesswork on HR and Compliance

Doing the right thing is hard. But knowing the right thing to do is even harder. Especially when it comes to HR and compliance, which is constantly changing. myHRcounsel provides you solutions that deliver legally backed answers to HR, Compliance, and Business questions. And we do it in minutes versus weeks or months.

Actual Legal Advice

No more hidden disclaimers! With myHRcounsel your questions are answered by attorneys licensed in all 50 states.

At Your Convenience

Access attorneys when you need them online & on-demand through an encrypted portal and/or mobile app.

As Often As You Need

myHRcounsel’s packages offer unlimited access to HR & Business attorneys with no usage restrictions.

HR and Compliance Services Evolved
With actual attorneys advising on compliance and critical HR issues for your business, myHRcounsel delivers solutions you can trust, when you need them, wherever you are.

ASK An Attorney

Unlimited on-demand access to HR attorneys through encrypted online portal and/or mobile app.

Employee Handbooks

The most important legal document for your business. Our attorney drafted, best practices employee handbook, encompasses local & federal laws.

Solutions Center

An online self-service library that provides access to hundreds of templates, checklists and other legal resources.

HR Audit

Our quick and easy survey tool will help you determine your business’ level of compliance.


Weekly webinars hosted by myHRcounsel’s attorneys cover different HR or workforce challenges. Sessions are eligible for HRCI and SHRM CE credit.

Weekly Legal Brief

Keep up to date on everything HR with the weekly newsletter including blogs, tips, flashbacks, and updates.

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Posted on
May 3, 2022

myHRcounsel are integral to our HR strategy and help us make sure we are in compliance with all applicable governing agencies. We always get great service and sound advice from the group. I strongly recommend considering myHRcounsel for businesses of every size.

- Mike K

Posted on
July 22, 2022

myHRcounsel is such an amazing group. They have the best advice and fast response times. An incredible resource to have in the fast-paced world of an employer servicing several states, each with their own HR laws.

- Joanna R

Posted on
April 12, 2023

I was introduced to myHRcounsel over 6 years ago and am amazed at the resources that this service provides to me and my team. We have access to on demand legal advice with response to our questions within 2 hours. I can reach out at any time of day or night and get the same fast response. We have asked for help with policy review, handbooks, employee relations issues, compliance issues and contract review. Each time that we needed help, we received sound advice that was used in our documentation or processes. We have never been disappointed by a lack of response, or the quality of the service provided. I highly recommend this service to any business.

- Mary L.

Posted on
June 6, 2023

I have utilized myHRcounsel for over 3 years now and I struggle finding the words to express how incredibly helpful and kind they have been in the various HR roles I have held during this time. Their openness to walk through challenging and unique scenarios with prompt and thorough responses put them at the top of my list for resources every HR department should have. I am deeply grateful for their services and will use them for as long as I am in the HR field.

- Josh M

Posted on
June 7, 2023

After our very first response from myHRcounsel, I was hooked and an immediate advocate of their services. The value added to our team is significant, but the peace of mind it has given me is a game changer. It can be challenging and stressful to be the department that everyone goes to for advice and recommendations; how refreshing to have someone we can also seek out for guidance!

- Brenda L

Posted on
June 7, 2023

We've been very pleased with the prompt response time and level of service we've received from MyHRCounsel. They provide an effective solution for small businesses in need of ancillary HR and Legal service support. We find their pricing structure to be fair and appreciate the level of detail their attorneys provide to addressing nuanced situations as well as the customer service we receive from their entire team.

- Megan F

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