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Lathemhas been the leading innovator in employee time and attendance solutions forover 100 years. The PayClock time clock system cuts payroll preparation time inhalf and eliminates employee time theft. Easy-to-use online software, mobileapps, and proximity badge or biometric timeclocks simplify employee timetracking for companies of all sizes and industries.

PayClock Employee Time & Attendance System

Lathem’s innovative employee time clocks combined with PayClock online software and free mobile apps give you a complete & affordable employee time & attendance system. PayClock is easy to use and simplifies the management of employee time tracking. Manage all your employee time data accurately with detailed pay period reporting to better administer payroll, including an extensive list of pre-built and auto scheduled reports and even create customized reports. With access to employee time info at anytime, anywhere, and direct integration with Greenshades, you can process employee time for payroll much easier and faster. PayClock users have cut their payroll processing time in half!

Manage employee time & attendance, anywhere at anytime

Ensure wage & hour law compliance. Reduce employee time theft. Manage overtime. Get detailed reporting of labor hours.

Exception Finder

Easily identify & correct employee timecard errors when they occur to eliminate administration headaches on payroll day.

Easy Access to Real Time Data, On Demand

Review on demand – timecards, benefit time totals, and more information, right at the time clock screen.

The Latest Technology in Employee Time Tracking

Smart touchscreen proximity badge, fingerprint reader, and biometric facial recognition time clocks.

MobileApps for Managers and Employees

Review timecards, make edits, view totals, messaging, GPS tracked punches, request PTO, approve time-off requests, & more.

5-Point Purchase Assurance

Install Support • Free USA Telephone Support • Clock Service & Easy Replacement • 30-day Money Back • Time Clock Discounts

PayClock Employee Time Clock System – Time & Attendance Simplified
Now you can manage employee time and attendance from anywhere, at anytime. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to edit, manage, create reports and seamlessly integrate your workforce time and attendance data into Greenshades payroll. Imagine the possibilities. Lathem’s cloud-based software allows you to manage employee time sheets, calculate labor hour totals and much more - all while in the office, working from home, traveling or from anywhere!


Smart Touchscreen, WiFi, Power Over Ethernet & Proximity Badge Time Clock


Biometric Facial Recognition & Touchscreen TimeClock with no touch auto-punch mode, provides a fool proof, contactless and more hygienic way for employees to clock in and out.


Biometric Fingerprint and Proximity Badge Reader Time Clock

PayClock App for iPhone & Android Smartphones

Mobile smartphone apps are included for both employees, managers, and administrators that have many of the features found within the PayClock online software.

Easier Payroll Processing

With PayClock, at any time via the web you can access employee timesheets, reports, calculations and more to prepare employee worked time for payroll processing easily and quickly.

Choose from Standard & Enterprise Feature Plans

All PayClock plans include - Free support with no setup fees. Unlimited admin users, no per use access fees. Supervisor & employee online portals. Easy exporting to payroll formats.

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Posted on
May 30, 2023

We needed an efficient way to track employee hours and attendance, and this solution was the perfect fit. With PayClock cloud-based system, it's easy to access from anywhere and it's fully automated - so no more manual time sheets. The customer service team was great too - they answered all our questions and got us up and running in no time.

- Lorain R.

Posted on
May 2, 2022

The PayClock system has really helped streamline the payrollprocess. The number of reports it can do is amazing.

I would recommend it to everyone.

- Neal R.

Posted on
January 10, 2020

What I like the best is everything within the PayClock program is menu driven. Calculating hours is no longer a problem. I’m a very happy customer!

- AliceM.

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