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Celayix is a leading provider of workforce management solutions, offering employee scheduling and time & attendance software.

Celayix Benefits

Celayix is a powerful scheduling software that brings numerous benefits to your business. With Celayix, companies can streamline scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and communication processes, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Our advanced features enable automated scheduling based on employee availability and skill sets, ensuring optimal staffing levels and minimizing scheduling conflicts. Overall, Celayix empowers organizations to optimize their workforce management, save time, reduce costs and enhance employee satisfaction.

Schedule thousands of shifts in minutes

Our automated scheduling simplifies your processes and streamlines your efforts.

Rules-based scheduling

Our system uses your specific business rules tocreate custom schedules tailored to your needs.

ArtificialIntelligence based workforce scheduling

Celayix AI looks at past schedules and provides recommendations for new schedules.

Reduce staff turnover

Increase employee retention by providing balanced schedules, fair workload distribution, and improved communication

Eliminate avoidable overtime by 100%

You can create rules around overtime management.We schedule the right employees, so you stay on budget.

Improve communication with team members

Our employee app allows for instant communication and 24/7 access to schedules for employees

Over 20 years of AI-Powered Workforce Management Software
Celayix makes managing shifts easy for you and your employees. With our employee scheduling app, team members have access to on-the-go schedules 24/7. They also receive automatic shift reminders and instant notification of shift reminders. Celayix AI recommends the best shift assignments for your schedule by using machine learning to examine your previous schedules. Our technology is fully automatic so the system will fill a new schedule or find a replacement for you.


Give employees control over their schedules. You can publish open shifts for employees to self-schedule.


Collaborate with your team and let employees bid on open shifts. No more making multiple phone calls to fill your schedule.

Find a Replacement

Don’t get stressed by last-minute schedule changes. You can find available and qualified replacements in one click.

Scheduling Rules

Our rules engine ensures only qualified employees are scheduled, so you can be sure that your schedule is in good hands.

Geofencing Check-In

Ensure your team is where they need to be with our geofencing feature. Employees can clock in from their phone, but only when they are within a certain distance of a pre-set perimeter.

100%Accurate Payroll & Billing

Precise time and attendance capture for accurate billing, payroll and compliance.

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Posted on
Mar 24, 2023

The versatility and use of Celayix's platform are two of its main advantages. The platform can be customized to any unique requirements and integrated with other software systems to simplify workflows. The mobile app from Celayix is similarly straightforward to use, accessible from anywhere, and makes it simple for all.

- Mohammad F

Posted on
May 22, 2023

I have been using Celayix for 15 years. It is a huge upgrade fromtrying to create manual schedules via an Excel spreadsheet or by other manualprocesses. We were also able to use Celayix to link employees to training /re-training videos and you are able to export the schedules to other timekeeping platforms such as Inflection HR or ADP.

- Randall B.

Posted on
May 23, 2023

Simple to learn, simple to use - Customer support is wonderful.Our client representative is wonderful and they continue to be able to provide details and informative sessions.

- Shemiko B.

Posted on
April 26, 2023

Celayix has dramatically increased the efficiency in daily scheduling for our home care department. Staff are able to review medically pertinent information right from the visits assigned to their app. Staff report simplicity in charting, checking in and out, and ability to write additional notes. Google maps is available within one click of a button within the app which tell our staff the location of their next visit. App updates in realtime. Ability to review staff actions in real time as well as geofencing has dramatically improved staff accountability

- Wally F.

Posted on
March 24, 2023

Evolving time and shift tracking software. Great solution for everyone looking for time and shift scheduling tool available on multiple platform

- Rostislav Z.

Posted on
March 11, 2022

We really love our experience with Celayix. Have been using fora little over 10 years, and love the experience. The Customer Service provided and support is top notch.

- Kasey T.

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