Simplifying Payroll and HR for Not-for-Profit Organizations 

For over 20 years, Greenshades has focused on solutions specifically tailored for not-for-profit organizations like yours.
374 Not-for-profit organizations Served
260,000 Employees Supported
Over 20 Years Of Industry Experience
Greenshades ensures that not-for-profit organizations are never slowed down by their Payroll and HR needs. 
Focus on Your Mission, Not Compliance
As a nonprofit organization, your energy and attention should be focused on your mission, not worrying about regulatory compliance. With Greenshades, you’ll receive automatic alerts of potential compliance issues related to ACA, new hire reporting, garnishment orders, wage adjustments, and more. We’ll also proactively address common issues such as duplicate entries so you can prevent issues before they can cause a problem. And if you ever need help, we’re just a call away!
Easy to Use,
Easy to Administer
We’ve designed the Greenshades Payroll and HR platform to be easy to configure, easy to use, and easy to manage… even if you have a large number of employees or complex pay conditions.
Pay Type Assignment on YOUR Terms
Our Payroll and HR platform is flexible enough to acommodate your unique work conditions, not force you to change your operations to acommodate the platform. An unlimited number of pay types, assigned at time of hire or project start, are easy to access and configure. And project dates automatically drive whether pay types are active or not within the system. Less manual work means more time available for those that you serve.
Proudly serving the not-for-profit organizations for over a 20 years
What Our Customers Say
“Employees are always very quick to respond, and if they are unable to assist, forward to the appropriate person. Always very friendly.”
ARC of Southern Maryland
“Love the ease of the software and the attentive, informed customer service team.”
Second Baptist Church
“Greenshades is a convenient one-stop system that makes our tax filing much easier.”
Dale Rogers Training Center
“I have always had good results with Greenshades any issues etc. always very helpful great system great staff.”
The Bair Foundation
“Greenshades has simplified and eased our tax reporting and our employee onboarding.”
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
“Love the employee portal, tax services, dashboard, and reports. Greenshades is user friendly!”
Great Plains Health Alliance (GPHA)
“Easy for employees to access their information themselves.”
VTC Enterprises
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Learn how Greenshades gives Not For Profit companies the tools to process withholdings, automate tax calculations, and simplify payroll.

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Learn how Greenshades gives Not For Profit companies the tools to process withholdings, automate tax calculations, and simplify payroll.