Mastering Complex Payroll Taxes Webinar

Jun 23 @ 1PM EDT

Join Greenshades June 23 at 1pm EDT for a unique webinar brought to you by and gain one free CPE credit for your attendance. During this CE/CPE webinar, Greenshades will help employers to better understand the most common “gotchas” impacting businesses, how to avoid them, and how payroll providers can mitigate the risk.

About our Speaker:

Meet our Greenshades speaker Chris Hadden, CPP, VP Revenue Strategy Ops. Chris has been a major part of the Greenshades team for over 12 years.

Chris is a Certified Payroll Professional who has spent the past decade helping customers solve their Payroll and HR challenges. As a CPP, Chris has a  passion for solving the most complicated problems, while ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout organizations. On the weekends, you can find Chris hanging with his family or enjoying a good audiobook.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the unique regulatory landscape, for companies with a diverse workforce.
  • We will explain how to classify workers and how that classification impacts tax burdens for the agency.
  • We will analyze how to identify, automate, and adhere to payroll practices on a state-by-state basis.
  • We will cover what tools should be leveraged to support employees/contractors working in a multi-state environment.
  • We will explain how cloud-based payroll platforms offer extensive support to workers & agencies alike.

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