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Case Study
VTC Enterprises
VTC Enterprises is a non-profit organization developing life skills services for adults with significant developmental disabilities. VTC offers a wide range of services to people with disabilities who desire training or assistance in areas related to employment and daily living. Its mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their life goals.
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VTC Enterprises

"Greenshades tax filing software is easy to use, and they provide very good technical support who respond quickly whenever there is an issue."
Susan Jackson
Payroll Bookkeeper


When filing laws changed in 2006, VTC needed to electronically file their quarterly state taxes and W-2s while streamlining operational processes to increase savings and remain compliant. VTC also wanted to enable employees to print their own check stubs, W-2s, and other essential employment documentation. This would decrease the number of requests sent to the accounting department and increase the team's bandwidth. 


The Greenshades Platform made it possible for employees to view and print copies of their check stubs and W-2s. The platform’s tax filing software was used to complete VTC’s state taxes electronically, saving VTC Enterprises over 50 staff hours per year in payroll processing.


  • VTC Enterprises eliminated unnecessary printing 
  • Saved 50+ staff hours per year, freeing up staff up for higher valued tasks 
  • Decreased payroll processing time
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