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End-of-Life for Legacy Payroll Module Necessitated Change in Operations

With the end-of-life announcement for their ERP's (Jack Henry) basic payroll module, looming, First Century Bank (FCB) urgently needed a reliable and adaptable solution for the future. Not only did they require a provider capable of accommodating their industry-specific processes, but they also sought a user-friendly system that could streamline their operations seamlessly.

The Advantages Gained with Greenshades

Increased Visibility of Payroll Data
FCB enhanced finance-specific payroll processes with access to an intuitive dashboard that enabled them to view detailed breakdowns of payroll accruals.
Boosted Employee Morale
With improvements to their time tracking processes, easier payroll management, enhanced benefits enrollment, and more, FCB's employee morale has increased significantly.

Operations Transformed for Informed Decision-Making and Success

First Century Bank received a solution tailored to meet their unique requirements, resulting in a remarkable shift in their payroll and HR landscape. As a result, the bank experienced a profound positive impact on their operations, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and achieve even greater success.
Our Customers Say It Best
"We were thoroughly impressed by the transformative results of implementing Greenshades Payroll. The efficiency it brought to our payroll processing experience has been remarkable, and we believe this solution will have a significant positive impact on other community banks as well. Greenshades is a true game-changer, and we're eagerly looking forward to witnessing the ongoing evolution of their payroll solutions within the banking industry."
Cole J. Parker
Accounting Manager/Banking Officer
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