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The Greenshades Payroll and HR Platform is the unified software solution that integrates with any ERP, but especially with all flavors of Microsoft Dynamics. No matter what ERP you are using, Greenshades has you covered.

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What Makes Greenshades the Best?

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A modern, cloud-hosted solution that includes the best features for your payroll needs. It’s customizable, adaptable and compliant at the core, so you can be sure every payroll run is on time and complete.
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Tax & Compliance
Tax compliance, garnishments, and returns without the fear of inaccuracies, missed filings, or penalties.
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Year-End Forms
Greenshades Software has a host of offerings to lighten your year-end load.
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Benefits Management
Capture your employees’ vital tax and benefit information from the moment they join the company.
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Time Entry & Review
Reduce paperwork. Improve accuracy. Gain greater insight. Save time. It’s that easy.
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Employee Self-Service
Empowering your employees equals time savings and cost reductions for your HR organization.

Why Choose Greenshades?

Learn how Greenshades brings you the best Payroll and HR software solution on the market

Because Your Employees Matter

Confidently Compliant

At Greenshades, compliance is in our DNA. We know the peace of mind that comes from knowing your returns are complete, on time and compliant, and we are the experts that you can rely on for that. For decades, we have stayed on top of complicated tax, payroll and compliance issues; Greenshades started as electronic tax filing experts, but we have grown by solving the hard, complicated issues our clients face.
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Because Your Employees Matter

ERP Agnostic

The Greenshades payroll platform was built with payroll and HR professionals in mind. It’s ERP agnostic, which means that, no matter which ERP your company uses, we are compatible. This holds true even if you change or upgrade ERPs in the future. That level of compatibility means less downtime, less frustration, and less need for your employees to learn new software or master a new interface. Greenshades is payroll-focused, not ERP-dependent.
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Because Your Employees Matter

Unified Platform

At Greenshades, we know the value of a cohesive, coherent experience across the board. Our unified platform means that every employee that accesses the system will have the same basic experience. This unified experience does not mean rigidity, though; with Greenshades, the interface is tailored to your needs, with easy access to the modules you and your employees require. Even more, our unified platform is cloud-based and accessible from everywhere your employees are. The Greenshades platform is the easy-to-use system that’s the heart of your HR and payroll needs.
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Our Customers
We proudly serve over 4,000 companies and millions of employees, and we’re just getting started.
What are people saying
“Greenshades reduces the time required to accomplish certain tasks and makes the process more efficient and organized. This, in turn, frees up time to dedicate to the process improvements that sustain the company’s growth.”
Angelo Tremolada
Corporate Controller, CPA, CGMA
“We have really enjoyed working with Greenshades. In fact, they are one of our best and most responsive corporate partners and business developers. They are professional and always responsive and available to help.”
Gary S.
Religious Institutions
“We are solving Payroll inquiries by no longer having to accept requests for documentation when the employee can access past records by using the portal. We have elliminted 90% of the time required to administer garnishments.”
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