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Year-End Security Checklist for your Green portal

Jerika Holton
Jan 10, 2024

Securing Your Year-End: Essential Security Measures for Users

As the year-end approaches, it is critical to ensure the security of your portal, particularly in preparation for uploading the 2023 W-2 tax forms. We suggest giving priority to reviewing both Employee Access and Administrator Access settings. Here’s how Greenshades simplifies this process with an enhanced Green Employee login experience.  

screenshot of the Green Employee Login

New Employee Login Experience

Greenshades has revamped the Green Employee login process, making it more user-friendly and secure.  Employees can now access their accounts with ease, using their email or phone number and verifying their identity with a code. This approach not only enhances security but also improves the overall user experience.

screenshot of the identify verification in Green Employee

Registration and Verification

During the registration process, employees are required to enter key personal information (first name, last name, date of birth, and Social Security number.) Following this, they'll undergo a verification process, choosing from options like an automated phone call, text message, or email. This step is crucial for helping to ensure the security of each Green Employee login.

Password Setup and Criteria

For those opting to create a password, Greenshades has standardized password criteria across all workspaces. This includes a mix of characters, numbers, and special symbols, enhancing the security of every Green Employee login.

  • At least 8 characters  
  • At least one uppercase letter  
  • At least one lower case letter  
  • At least one special character  
  • At least one number  
  • Cannot contain any personal information (email address, phone number, name)  
  • Cannot be the same as the last 3 passwords  
  • Cannot contain the word ‘password’

Two-Factor Authentication

If an employee has an account that has chosen to enable two factor authentication and they choose to login with a password, then a six-digit code will be sent to their mobile device after the initial password verification, adding an extra layer of security to the Green Employee login process.

screenshot of the MFA in Green Employee

Screenshot showing documents within Green Employee

Accessing Year-End Forms

Once logged in, employees will find it easy to navigate to essential documents like W-2 and 1095-C forms. The intuitive interface of Green Employee, coupled with the secure login process, ensures that accessing these forms is both simple and safe.

Filing With Greenshades

Greenshades simplifies the filing process, offering digital access, print, and mail options for W-2 forms. This streamlined approach is secured by the Green Employee login system, ensuring data safety and compliance. Expand your capabilities to include simple W-2 imports to tax preparation software providers such as TurboTax and H&R Block for easy form preparation for your employees.  


Greenshades is committed to making the year-end process as efficient and secure as possible. With our enhanced Green Employee login experience, we ensure that your employees' sensitive information is well-protected. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist with your year-end filing needs.

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