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Why We Ditched the Passwords With Our New Green Employee Login Experience

Katie McGinnis
Sep 27, 2023

Why make the migration to passwordless login?

Passwords have long been the go-to method for securing digital accounts and sensitive information. However, over time, it has become evident that passwords are not as secure as once believed.  

A recent study by Verizon found that 80% of all data breaches were caused from a password login, a number so alarming, it makes sense that nearly 65% of users don’t trust a website that only relies on passwords for their login authentication. The world is moving to a passwordless authentication experience, and so is Greenshades with our new Passwordless one-time passcode options for our Green Employee users.  

Benefits of Passwordless Login

Passwordless login offers several advantages over traditional password-based login systems, making it a more secure and user-friendly authentication method.  

No More Risky Passwords

Firstly, passwordless login eliminates the risk of weak passwords or password reuse since users don't need to create or remember passwords, which is vital with systems like Green Employee that house confidential information such as Social Security number and bank account details. A recent security survey from Google found that 52% of users reuse passwords for multiple accounts, while 13% of users use the exact same password for all of their account, exposing them to a detrimental attack should that password be recovered by a bad actor.  

Passwordless login options such as one-time passcodes (OTPs) are unique per use and sent directly to the contact information on file, making it nearly impossible to be recovered by an attacker.  

Smooth Experience for Employees

Not only is a passwordless experience more secure but it also simplifies the user experience, leading to increased user adoption and satisfaction. A study by LastPass found that 64% of users simply avoid websites and services that only allow for password authentication, as remembering their credentials is just too difficult. In the Human Resources and Payroll space, this is even more concerning as we approach W-2 season, where not accessing tax documents with ease causes frustration for both employees and your HR team.  

No more Remembering Passwords

But what about the “forgot password option?” Well, even that process can be cumbersome for users, with studies finding that 57% of users forget their new password right after resetting it. Passwordless OTP logins means that employees no longer have to deal with the frustration of forgotten passwords or the burden of managing multiple credentials for different services.  

Secure Login with Greenshades

Passwordless login not only eliminates the risks associated with weak or reused passwords but also offers a smoother and more user-friendly experience. With unique one-time passcodes sent directly to users, security is enhanced, and the burden of remembering passwords is a thing of the past, ensuring a hassle-free and secure authentication process for all.  

Bottom line - in a world where password-related data breaches are all too common, Greenshades is committed to a more secure future with our Passwordless one-time passcode options for Green Employee users. Passwordless options can be configured on your Greenshades Online account under Settings > Access Settings > Employee Access > Identity Confirmation.  

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