Webinar Recap: Moving to the Cloud? Start With Payroll

March 10, 2022
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In today’s competitive business environment regulatory changes are constant and having a business model that places financial and reporting processes in the cloud provides the environment for companies to be more agile and flexible with their operations. Many companies are still comfortable using “on-premise” software, but there are risks to keep running things the way you always have. Many businesses are moving to the cloud to increase flexibility and stay up to date.

Is your company looking to move your ERP solution to the cloud? If so, Greenshades can help. In the webinar recap video below, Greenshades’ VP of Revenue Strategy & Operations Chris Hadden, provides an informative and insightful look into why when moving to the cloud, you should start with payroll. This presentation was designed to help you learn about the:

· Risks and limitations of using an “all-in-one” ERP and payroll solution
· Advantages of leveraging an independent payroll platform
· Benefits of moving payroll to the cloud
· Top 5 traits to look for when looking for a cloud-based provider

Please enjoy the webinar replay and contact us with any questions you might have. If you are ready to speak with our Sales Team today, please contact us at sales@greenshades.com or call us at 888-255-3815 ext. 2.

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