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Webinar Recap: "Leading the Transition from Dynamics GP - Payroll First"

Jerika Holton
May 13, 2024
10 min

In our recent webinar, “Leading the Transition from Dynamics GP - Payroll First,” Greenshades’ experts Michael Halford and Jodi Thibedeau shared valuable insights on navigating the current Dynamics GP landscape and how adopting a payroll-first approach can streamline the transition to updating your ERP solution.  

Watch the full webinar here:

the current dynamics environment

Decoding the Current Dynamics GP Landscape

The session kicked off by addressing the challenges faced by organizations currently using Dynamics GP. GP is a well-established ERP, but with changes in Microsoft’s Lifecycle Policies and evolving business needs, many companies are considering moving to modern business management solutions. We covered how transition is often met with hesitation due to fear of change and the complexities of migrating payroll data. However, attendees learned why there is an urgency to consider upgrading their payroll solutions.

  • Outgrowing GP Systems: As businesses grow, GP struggles to keep pace with evolving business requirements.  
  • GP Lifecycle Changes: Microsoft's updates are slowing down, and GP users must eventually transition. By starting with payroll, you can be ahead of the curve giving your organization a competitive edge.
  • Shifting to Cloud Solutions: More businesses are opting for cloud-based solutions, driven by security, scalability, and accessibility. This also allows for better integration capabilities with your supporting solutions.
understanding the current workforce

Understanding the Current Workforce

We highlighted significant shifts in the workforce and how cloud-based payroll solutions can meet these evolving needs. Modern solutions with advanced features like payroll flexibility, mobile access, and cloud functionality are becoming crucial.

Challenges with Dynamics GP

In this section we emphasized the limitations of GP, including outdated features, limited automation, and restricted scalability due to its on-premises nature. These limitations hinder an organization's ability to manage and adapt to business growth and market changes. Our experts reiterated that GP’s minimal payroll solution hampers efficient management of payroll operations.

phased payroll approach

The Payroll-First Migration Approach

Jodi explained why starting a migration with payroll first simplifies the overall transition process for ERP migrations. A few key reasons we highlighted to start with payroll first include:

  • Streamlined Integration - By using an ERP-agnostic payroll solution, you can lay the foundation for seamless integration with your new ERP.
  • Risk Mitigation - Ensures payroll stability before tackling broader ERP migration.
  • Testing and Adjustment - Allows acclimation before implementing a full ERP transition.
  • Strategic Planning - Develops a plan to transition your systems without the risk of migrating everything at once.

The Phased Payroll Approach

We covered how a phased-payroll approach can mitigate the risk associated with a "Big Bang" migration by:  

  • Reducing the risk associated with a complete ERP and Payroll solution overhaul at one time.
  • Allowing organizations to maintain business continuity while transitioning one solution at a time beginning with payroll.  
  • Providing better integration capabilities with when it comes time to transition your ERP systems.  

Finding the Right Payroll Solution

Attendees learned the importance of selecting a payroll solution that best fits an organization's unique needs. Factors to consider include:

payroll options in house vs. outsourced

Business Needs and Payroll Complexity: Does the organization require more control and flexibility?  

cost considerations

Cost Considerations: Assess the total cost, including soft and hidden expenses.

experience and expertise

Vendor Experience and Expertise: Does the provider have experience with your ERP, industry, or business size?

GP interation capabilites

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration: Does my provider integrate with my current solution?

365 BC integration capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Integration: Can my provider support potential future solutions?

Greenshades offers bi-directional integration with both Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central, facilitating a seamless payroll process. We stressed the importance of choosing a provider with true integration capabilities, beyond just general ledger (GL) mapping, to ensure a smooth flow of information between systems. Beyond the world of Dynamics, consider a provider with an open-API that supports other potential integrations.  

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

The webinar wrapped up with a clear message that a strategic payroll-first approach offers numerous benefits:

  • Choose the Right Payroll Software: Analyze your needs to select the best solution.
  • Evaluate Your Environment: Assess workforce and technology readiness.
  • Consider the Payroll-First Approach: Streamline the overall transition.

If you're considering migrating away from Dynamics GP, start by evaluating your payroll needs and exploring how a payroll-first approach can ease your organization's transition to a modern, cloud-based payroll system.

Ready to explore the payroll-first migration approach? Contact us today to learn how we can ensure a smooth transition.

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