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Understanding Microsoft Dynamics GP Lifecycle Policies and Future Options

Lauren DeBisschop
Jul 25, 2023
10 min

Microsoft is Ending Support for Older Versions of Dynamics GP and Concluding New Customer Sales of the ERP – What this Means for You

In 2019, Microsoft introduced the Modern Lifecycle Policy for Dynamics GP, marking a significant change from the previous Fixed Lifecycle policy. Under the new policy, versions of GP on the Modern Lifecycle will enjoy continuous support and servicing, ensuring they stay up to date. On the other hand, versions on the Fixed Lifecycle will eventually phase out of support and update services.

While mainstream support has already ended for Fixed Lifecycle versions, each product will receive extended support until specific dates:

  • GP 2013, 2013 R2: Support until 4/11/2023
  • GP 2015, 2015 R2: Support until 4/8/2025
  • GP 2016, 2016 R2: Support until 7/14/2026
  • GP 2018, 2018 R2: Support until 1/11/2028

However, it's important to note that Dynamics GP solutions on the Modern Lifecycle Policy will continue to receive ongoing support and servicing indefinitely. This ensures that businesses utilizing the Modern Lifecycle version can rely on continuous assistance and updates for their Dynamics GP system.

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Options for the Future with Dynamics GP

If your business is currently operating on an older version of GP governed by the Fixed Lifecycle Policy, now is an opportune time to consider your next steps. Fortunately, Microsoft offers straightforward options to suit your business's preference between on-premises and cloud-based software.

  • For cloud-based options, GP customers can seamlessly migrate to either Dynamics 365 BC or 365 Finance, unlocking the benefits of a cloud environment.
  • If on-premises solutions better suit your needs, updating your GP version with a compatible tax release or hotfix on GP 2018 or 2018 R2 activates the Modern Lifecycle Policy. Alternatively, if you prefer not to update to the latest GP version, you can explore the option of migrating to Dynamics 365 on-premises.

These options empower you to choose the path that best aligns with your business's requirements and future goals.

The End of New Customer Sales of Dynamics GP

Microsoft has also made significant announcements regarding the sale and licensing options for Dynamics products. They have decided to discontinue the sale of Dynamics 365 BC on-premises perpetual licenses for new customers, as well as end the perpetual and subscription license option for Dynamics GP.

Starting in October 2025, the sale of new perpetual licenses for Dynamics 365 BC on-premises and Dynamics GP will come to an end. Then, in October 2026, the sale of subscription licenses for Dynamics GP will also cease.

It's important to note that existing customers and BC on-premises subscription sales are not affected by this announcement. Customers who already own the product prior to the end of sales date will continue to receive support, updates, and fixes for their systems. Microsoft's focus is on ensuring a smooth transition for customers while aligning with their future plans and strategies.

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