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Three Reasons Why Putting Employees First is Just Good Business

Lauren DeBisschop
Feb 13, 2023

At Greenshades, we value employees. Creating a positive and engaging workplace culture is crucial for the success of any business. By putting employees first, organizations can reap numerous benefits, including increased productivity, reduced turnover, and better customer satisfaction.

It is natural to ask “why” when it comes to putting employee-first policies into practice. Sure, your workers are important to your business, but why put them first? Why does the employee experience matter so much?

There are three important reasons why you should embrace employee-first processes at your company.

1. Reduce Turnover and the Need to Hire

While some turnover is inevitable, it is always beneficial to retain as many employees as possible in the long run. With the increasing cost of inflation, the expenses of seeking, hiring, and onboarding new workers to replace those you have lost have become higher than ever.

Retaining employees for the long term is vital to saving time and money. The cost of finding and hiring a new employee can reach $4,683 on average,1 and the process can take up to 36-42 days. Moreover, the rate of employee turnover is increasing, with 57.4% of employees leaving their jobs in 2020.2

2. Increase Productivity to Make the Most of Your Team 

Engaged employees perform better in the workplace. The following findings from a 2020 Gallup study highlight the benefits of high employee engagement.3 Businesses with high employee engagement experience:

  • 23% more profitability.
  • 66% more employees with positive well-being.
  • Significant reduction in absenteeism.

Unfortunately, only 34% of American workers feel engaged in their workplaces.4

3. A Positive Employee Experience Spreads Outward

Investing in creating positive employee experiences has numerous benefits for the company. According to Glassdoor, businesses that focus on their employees are:5

  • 11.5 times more likely to be ranked as a 'Best Place to Work'.
  • Twice as likely to be listed in the American Customer Satisfaction index.
  • Directly correlated with customer satisfaction(1-point increase in Glassdoor rating corresponds to a 1.3-point increase in customer satisfaction).6

Moreover, a positive and engaged workforce leads to better decision-making, higher creativity, and increased morale, impacting how employees interact with customers, vendors, and colleagues.

Putting Employees First

Having a positive and engaging workplace culture can result in employees that are 27% more likely to be engaged, and 23% more likely to stay working for over 3 years.

To create a workplace culture that focuses on employees, consider the following:

  • Communication: Effectively communicate about the workplace, pay, benefits, and more.
  • Tools and Resources: Provide the tools and resources your employees need to thrive.
  • Control and Flexibility: Give employees control over their personal data and provide flexibility with creative time entry methods, remote access, and payment options. (this has the added bonus of taking some of the load off your HR staff).
  • Perk and Company Culture: Offer learning opportunities and incentives, and create a welcoming, and encouraging company culture.

By implementing these steps, you can turn your workforce into a productive, satisfied, and engaged team.

If you are ready to improve your workplace culture and put your employees first, start by exploring the solutions Greenshades has to offer.

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