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Sage Intacct Users Can Now Leverage the Greenshades Platform

Jul 14, 2022

Read the full press release here.

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial platform that meets the accounting demands of small organizations and public companies. With this integration, Sage Intacct users can leverage the Greenshades platform to add real-time, in-house payroll processing that connects directly to their current Sage Intacct solution. Unlike traditional outsourced payroll providers, Greenshades delivers a real-time, compliance-driven, in-house payroll processing solution that gives you flexibility and control to process payroll when it works best for your company.  

Sage and Greenshades share a similar philosophy in that we both believe in providing organizations with the tools that give them greater control and flexibility over every aspect of their business, particularly financials and the payroll process.  


Greenshades’ Sage Integration.  

Sage Intacct Marketplace.  

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