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Recap of Bullhorn Engage 2024: Greenshades Takes Center Stage

Greenshades Software
May 29, 2024
5 min

Greenshades recently had the honor of sponsoring the Bullhorn Engage conference in Boston, where we had the opportunity to showcase our role as Bullhorn's premier payroll and tax partner. This year's event was filled with insightful keynotes, exciting announcements, and a clear focus on the future of AI in staffing.

Keynotes and Highlights

The opening keynote by Art set an optimistic tone despite current market challenges. Bullhorn is celebrating its 25th anniversary this summer, marking two and a half decades of innovation and growth. A significant theme this year was the transformative potential of AI, with Bullhorn positioning itself to leverage AI to support businesses in navigating the slow-burning economic downturn that has impacted the staffing market over the past two years.

A memorable moment was the humorous reference to the "underpants gnomes" from South Park, illustrating Bullhorn's early days of data collection without a clear plan for utilization. Today, Bullhorn is focused on harnessing its vast data repository through AI, emphasizing the critical role of trust at every step. This new era requires a shift from the outdated 2010 playbook to strategies that embrace the realities of remote work and the evolving economic landscape.

The Bullhorn exec team highlighted some impressive Bullhorn One statistics, including 225,000 weekly payers, 768 million hours (about 88,000 years) worked, and $13 billion (about $40 per person in the US) annually invoiced over the past 12 months. Bullhorn's data hub continues to grow, setting the stage for the integration of AI across the platform, particularly through their new AI product, "Copilot."

Embracing Change: Navigating New Technology Implementations

In collaboration with 1218 Global, Greenshades co-hosted a roundtable session titled "Embracing Change: Navigating New Technology Implementations." This session offered an interactive discussion and roadmap for Bullhorn users embarking on technology transformations, emphasizing the human and technical facets of digital change. Following a provided 3 step guide, attendees shared personal experiences and answered questions that would help an organization prepare for a successful technology implementation.

Key Takeaways from the Session:

  1. Is Your Organization Ready?
  • Establish KPIs and metrics early.
  • Ensure open communication and form a council to monitor the rollout.
  • Treat the tech search and evaluation process as a project in itself.
  1. Prepare to Execute
  • Establish guiding principles and pick a dedicated team.
  • Make decisions about project ownership and the availability of team members.
  1. Navigating New Technology
  • Match technology to your problems and select the right technology partners.
  • Paint a clear vision of what the new technology will achieve for your organization.

Memorable Quotes

The conference was filled with inspiring quotes from industry leaders:

  • Jason Heilman, SVP Product, Automation, and AI, Bullhorn: "What can we build that will add lasting value to your business, help you scale more effectively, and achieve the outcomes you want?"
  • Will Guidara, Closing Keynote: "It doesn't matter how good your product is. It doesn't matter how strong your brand is. It doesn't matter how much more talented you are than the next person. The only competitive advantage that exists comes from consistently investing in relationships."
  • Chris Hadden, Greenshades Vice President: Revenue Strategy & Operations: “Greenshades is proud to have a strong partnership with Bullhorn, offering our best-in-class end-to-end solutions that streamline payroll processes and enhance operational efficiency. Together, we are committed to delivering outcomes that drive success and growth for our clients in the staffing industry."


As staffing firms navigate economic uncertainty and increased demands, it's more important than ever to ensure solid operations and billing processes. By leveraging Greenshades' agile payroll solutions, businesses can enhance efficiency and scalability.

David Rosas, CEO of Greenshades, summarized the Bullhorn roadmap by highlighting the significant advantages of being on the Bullhorn One platform: "One of the significant advantages of being on the Bullhorn One platform is the vast amount of data that is collected. This extensive sea of information and data points is essential for properly training an AI model. Bullhorn gathers data from your recruiters, notes, placements, payroll with Greenshades, and comments left by your applicants. All this information is fed into the Bullhorn Copilot AI model, enabling Bullhorn to make insightful suggestions to your staff as they use our software. This capability is incredibly powerful and transformative for all aspects of your business."

Bullhorn's vision for innovation and its product roadmap, which prominently features Greenshades, promises a future where integrated solutions drive the staffing industry forward. Together, we are poised to achieve remarkable outcomes and build lasting value for our clients.

Let's continue to leverage technology, strengthen our relationships, and navigate the future of staffing with confidence and agility.

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