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On-Demand Webinar: The Keys to Keeping Compliant with 1095-C & ACA

Feb 8, 2023

Year-end is wrapping up and tax season is rapidly approaching! To round up our year-end resources, we present The Keys to Keeping Compliant with 1095-C & ACA. Presented by Greenshades' Compliance Manager, Mary Kautzman, this webinar dives into important things to remember about the ACA, a compliance checklist, Form 1095-C, Form 1094-C, and how Greenshades can help.  

Legal Disclaimer: This content and the webinar series are not formal legal advice, and you should always consult your organization’s legal and accounting teams. Greenshades partners with myHRcounsel to provide affordable, online, and on-demand legal advice.

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) - Things to remember:

Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) that have 50 or more full-time equivalent employees must offer affordable coverage to their workers and their dependents. All employers subject to the ACA must distribute reporting forms to their employees and file with the IRS.

ACA Checklist:

  1. Figure out your ALE status (use previous year’s data for this year’s status)  
  1. Make sure all employee hours have been tracked, including vacation/holiday time, medical leave, military deployment, jury duty and other hours
  1. Make sure you have accurate Social Security numbers for all employees and that requests are being fulfilled in a timely manner  
  1. Plan ahead on completing, distributing and filing your forms – know the deadlines

What is Form 1095-C?

  • Health-coverage form
  • Used to provide information about the health coverage provided by an employer and that it complies with the Affordable Care Act
  • Helps determine eligibility for the premium tax credit  
  • More information about 1095-Cs

Part III on Form 1095-C

  • for self-insured coverage
  • lists the employee and dependents who were enrolled in coverage
  • continues to be on Page 3 (with instructions on Page 2)

What is Form 1094-C?

  • Form 1094-Cis a transmittal form submitted alongside 1095-C
  • Used to report to the IRS, information for each employer (like a cover letter for 1095-C)
  • More information about 1094-C.  

How can Greenshades help?

Greenshades Dynamics Payroll Inspector ACA

ACA Coverage Manager

  • Alerts the user in instances of non-compliance under ACA guidelines  
  • Calculates full-time status for standard and initial measurement periods  
  • Tracks offered, waived, and enrolled coverage and generates the appropriate IRS code from form 1095- C
  • Aggregates ALE group support  
  • Stores dependent information for form 1095-C  
  • Integrates directly with Dynamics GP HR and Payroll

ACA Compliance Tracking

Greenshades Online Benefits Module

  • Includes all features of the Dynamics Payroll Inspector  
  • Provides an employee interface for the completion of enrollment events  
  • Allows for employee notification of new benefit offerings due to a change in ACA full-time status  
  • Updates Microsoft Dynamics when elections are made  

Greenshades Online Payroll ACA Module

  • Works with the Greenshades Payroll Module to track ACA compliance of employees  
  • Includes all features of the Dynamics Payroll Inspector within Greenshades Payroll

Year-End Forms for ACA

1095-C Distributing and Reporting  

  • Pull ACA data directly from Dynamics Payroll Inspector, Benefits, or Greenshades Payroll modules (or import via excel)  

Touchless 1095-C Distribution  

  • Allow easy access, using our self-service portal with managed, electronic consent  
  • Have Greenshades print and Mail forms directly to your recipients


  • Build and e-file directly to the IRS

Want to learn more about Greenshades Year-End Forms Solution? Contact or visit for information.  

Watch the on-demand webinar, 1095-C & ACA Compliance.

Download the slide deck, The Keys to Keeping Compliance with 1095-C & ACA.

Visit and click on the resources tab, where we will inform you about future webinars.

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