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On-Demand Webinar: Payroll as a Benefit

Oct 20, 2022

Marc Moschetto, Founder and CEO of Kickmotor LLC, and Katie McGinnis, Senior Product Manager at Greenshades, discuss leveraging cloud-based payroll platforms to enhance employee support, experience, and engagement in this webinar, Payroll as a Benefit.  

This webinar is composed of three topics:  

  1. State of the American Worker  
  1. Mapping Employee Needs to Employer Deliverables  
  1. How Greenshades (and partners) Close the Gaps  

Watch the webinar replay here:

Read the webinar recap here:

  1. Stressed: The State of the American Worker

With inflation increasing again in September, currently setting the annual rate at 8.2%, American workers are stressed. 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and 87% of Americans indicate they are “anxious” or “very anxious” about inflation.  

“Real wages”, which is the buying power adjusted for inflation, has dropped by 3% over the past 12 months. This means that take-home pay is yielding generationally low purchasing power. On top of purchasing power, borrowing has become more expensive too as credit cards, loans, and mortgages are tied to federal interest rates.  

What does this all really mean? Accurate, timely, and complete payroll is more important than ever. The combination of economic headwinds and post-pandemic sentiment has shifted the landscape, and employees want more than conventional benefits. Attracting, retaining, engaging, and empowering employees in 2023 is going to require some creativity.  

  1. Employee Needs

The workforce is changing, and so is the needs of the employee. "Traditional" benefits are not enough to attract or retain employees in today's economy or post-pandemic lifestyle. Here are some of the "new" benefits employees want and how we can help deliver:

graph of what employees want (left) and how we deliver (right)

  1. How Greenshades and Our Partners Bring It Together

Greenshades partners with organizations who offer services that enhance the employee experience and help you empower and engage your employees.  

Greenshades + Lathem Time

Embracing Change and Supporting New Working Models

Greenshades and Lathem logos

  • Simple, easy-to-use platform  
  • Robust self-service allows users to define withholdings, declare life events, and select “traditional benefits” on their own time  
  • For those who need to record time and location data can do so through this partnership  

Greenshades + Paytient

Financial Support When You Need It Most

Greenshades and Paytient logos
  • Unexpected expenses can wreak havoc on already tight budgets  
  • Paytient allows employees to pay for any out-of-pocket medical expenses using payroll deduction  
  • Eliminate forcing employees to choose between healthcare and other essential expenses  
  • Addressing health issues as they occur ultimately has a better impact on the healthcare costs of your business  

Greenshades + Branch

Setting a Path for Financial Independence

Greenshades and Branch logos
  • Workers 50+ can make additional “catch up” contributions to their retirment plans  
  • New banking options deliver features that benefit both the employer and the employee like:  
  • Paycard and digital banking  
  • Increase in direct deposits/decrease in paper checks  
  • On-demand pay and digital payouts  
  • Branch provides greater flexibility and helps workers to avoid the need to borrow from other venues between paychecks  

Greenshades + LearnUpon

New Skills Create New Opportunities

Greenshades and LearnUpon logos
  • When managers spend less time on administrative tasks (ex. Pay reviews and approval, time and attendance, etc.), they can spend more time training and supporting workers  
  • Employee handbooks, training materials, and other educational items are made accessible by all employees from anywhere and at any time  
  • Dedicated learning management systems help workers learn new skills, obtain certifications, and other activities that boost engagement and learning potential  

Greenshades + JazzHR + myHRcounsel

Getting Help With the “Heavy Lifting”

Greenshades, JazzHR, and myHRcounsel logos

  • Greenshades automates and accelerates the most complex and time-consuming payroll and HR functions  
  • Our partner resources provide services such as HR legal guidance and recruiting support  
  • Free up time for more strategic tasks and functions and/or accommodate growing workloads
  • Achieve a greater balance by freeing up time  

Bringing It All Together

Employees still want conventional benefits, but current challenges are showing increasing demand for non-traditional benefits – which requires a more unique approach. Thinking outside the box and leveraging your payroll processes and platform can help close this gap. It all starts with an accessible, efficient platform that delivers a flawless user experience.  

To learn more about leveraging Greenshades cloud-based Payroll &HR Platform and the many enhancements, contact or visit    

Watch the entire on-demand webinar, Payroll as a Benefit.  

Visit and click on the resources tab, where we keep you in the know about future webinars.

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