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On-Demand Webinar: Optimize Your Staffing Company Payroll with Bullhorn and Greenshades

The Greenshades Marketing Team
Mar 20, 2023

VP of Revenue Strategy & Operations Chris Hadden CPP and Payroll Account Executive Will DiGiovanni, discuss payroll for staffing companies, the Greenshades Payroll Platform, and our integration with Bullhorn. Founded in 1999, Bullhorn offers cloud-based software for the entirety of the recruitment life cycle. With over 10,000 customers globally, Bullhorn has been servicing the staffing industry for over 20 years.  

This webinar covers four significant topics:  

Watch the On-Demand Webinar:

Read the Webinar Recap:

Obstacles & Opportunities

The workforce and staffing industry has a unique set of needs and has seen drastic changes in the past few years.  While remote work has become more prevalent, new obstacles have arisen like the number of workers who quit their jobs to find a better work-life balance, the great resignation, and now quiet quitting and quiet hiring.  

It is becoming increasingly important that staffing companies are aware of the influence of pop culture and post-pandemic cultural shifts happening as they are changing the workforce. The staffing industry environment is uniquely suited to addressing today's employment trends.  

Some Industry Statistics:
  • Three million temporary or contact employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week  
  • Over the course of a year, America’s staffing companies will hire 16 million temp and contracted employees
  • 64% of staffing employees work in the industry to fill gaps between jobs or help get them a job
  • 20% of people cite schedule flexibility as a reason for choosing temporary or contract work  
Beyond the Statistics:  
  • The difficulty to identify and respond to the best candidates is due to the large volume of applicants  
  • High-volume onboarding makes automation necessary
  • High turnover is common when leveraging temporary or contracted workers as supplemental employees
  • Paycheck timeliness and accuracy has never been more important as many contractors are often “between jobs”
  • Work trends, like remote working, mean you’ll need to support workers across multiple tax jurisdictions
How can Bullhorn & Greenshades help turn challenges into opportunities?
  • Bullhorn’s staffing solutions help to identify, attract, and connect with the best candidates at a large scale
  • Residency, tax withholding information, and other critical client information is captured and automatically reflected in Greenshades for pay processing  
  • Greenshades takes care of all applicable tax withholding, filing dates, and other regulatory demands so that you are compliant
  • The system was designed for the ground up to accommodate even the most complex payroll scenarios, which means no cumbersome work arounds or manual processes

Greenshades & Bullhorn: An Introduction & Overview

For 20 years, Greenshades has been a leader in tax, compliance, payroll and HR. Greenshades has partnered with many different companies and ERPs to provide the best enhancements to our products, help companies solve complex challenges, as well as gain insight into the industries we serve.  

The partnership between Greenshades and Bullhorn allows both companies to work together to streamline end-to-end processes across the “back office” operations for staffing companies.  

Greenshades offers a complete solution that covers everything from payroll to HR to compliance:

Payroll & HR for Staffing Companies  

The complete Payroll & HR platform, as shown above, including Payroll Tax Management, is built for staffing companies to manage and pay their employees:

  • Seamless transition from Bullhorn to Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform
  • Automated real time tax calculations
  • Field-proven payroll expertise designed for staffing pros
  • Ideally suited for “on the go” employees

The Power of a Unified Approach

Greenshades Payroll is designed for YOU.

We really mean it! The Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform was designed to provide a seamless transition from hire to retirement.  

  • For growing staffing agencies - Greenshades delivers a platform with the services and support for your needs  
  • Field-proven payroll expertise – dedicated functionality to support staffing companies in multiple states, jurisdictions, and rate environments
  • Robust self-service – workers can complete all payroll and tax paperwork, update life events, change addresses and contact information, and access vital HR documents and handbooks all on their own
  • Hybrid-workforce friendly – the Greenshades platform is easy to access and use by deskless workers, remote workers, and on-site workers  

Watch the full on-demand webinar, Optimize Your Staffing Company Payroll with Bullhorn & Greenshades to get more information and to see a high-level demonstration.

Download the presentation here.

If you’d like to learn how Greenshades can help staffing firms, contact or visit  

Visit and click on the resources tab where we keep you in the know about future webinars.  

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