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On-Demand Webinar: Eliminate the Payroll Juggling Act​ - Tips & Tricks for Smooth Payroll Management

Feb 23, 2022
Are your payroll and HR teams struggling to keep up with the tedious tasks of payroll processing and lacking the time to focus on more strategic initiatives? From ensuring employee information is accurate to tracking hours and staying compliant with changing tax laws, the workload can be overwhelming.  

Presented by Greenshades' Payroll Account Executive John Ogonowski, Eliminating the Payroll Juggling Act: Strategies for Effortless Payroll Management, discusses how cloud-based payroll and HR software can streamline your processes and how the right provider, like Greenshades, can help!  

Watch the on-demand webinar:

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The Payroll Juggling Act

Payroll professionals have a vital role in any organizations ecosystem. From facilitating pay-runs to changing addresses and filing year-end forms, payroll employees average 25 hours of overtime per month handling an organizations' payroll tasks.  

Some Tips & Tricks for Smooth Payroll Management

Tip/Trick #1 – Utilize Automation to Enhance Compliance

Automation plays a key role in successful payroll!

Organizations that are "highly automated" are 2x more likely to find compliance very easy and 4x more likely to say compliance takes little time and effort. 77%  of "highly automated" organizations say their ability to track national regulatory changes is above or well above average.  

Automations such as these help ease the burden of compliance:

  • Automated tax codes assignment and earning code application
  • Alerts on errors that can impact payroll runs – red flags prevent issues  
  • Employee wok hour deviation notifications – flagged to catch problems early  
Tip/Trick #2 – Encourage Employee Use of Self-Service

Use self-service, save valuable resources!

Employee self-service decreases the workload of HR teams AND increases employee engagement.

  • Equip employees with the tools to handle their HR needs
  • Minimize the maintenance of employee data  
  • Encourage employee independence  
  • Reduce the number of requests to payroll and HR for pay stubs, W-2s, and other important documents  
  • Free up payroll and HR to focus on other strategic initiatives

Tip/Trick #3 – Find the Right Payroll Partner

The right partner makes all the difference!  

Payroll is one of the most complex and time-sensitive functions of an organization. The right partner:

  • Makes the process easier and save your team valuable resources
  • Increase your organization's ability to maintain compliance  
  • Be flexible enough to work with your current processes
  • Provide applicable data and reports on your payroll processes
  • Reduce the number of manual workarounds and duplicate work  

The Greenshades Difference

Streamline Payroll in a Snap with Wizardly Automation
  • Step-by-step wizard guides your processes with ease
  • Timesheet validation is quick and simple
  • Automatic alerts to areas of concern  
  • Enjoy the freedom of real-time re-calculations
  • Easily sync your payroll information into your GL (General Ledger)

With the payroll wizard, our average customer can quickly run and process payroll within 10 minutes from start to finish!  

Tailor Your Experience with Flexible and Configurable Tech

Simple on-screen configurations and intuitive management capabilities make it easy to tailor the system to your organization's needs.  

  • Easy to configure earning codes, benefits, and deductions
  • With a cloud-based format, updates flow across the platform simultaneously  

Easily Stay on Top of All Major Deadlines

Payroll deadlines are critical and must be me to avoid penalties and fines.  

  • Reminders and alerts help you keep up with important payroll deadlines, such as tax filings and year-end reporting
  • Feel confident that you are meeting all of your payroll deadlines, giving you peace of mind and freeing up time for other important tasks  

Gain Insights with Reporting
  • "At-a-glance" payroll dashboard – all the tools you need at your fingertips
  • Simplified views of historical pay runs with one-click access
  • Front page awareness of future pay runs – see what you need without having to hunt for it  

Eliminate Duplication with an All-In-One Solution

Use one system, ensure key system integrations

  • All-in-one platform  
  • No double entry  
Future-Proof Your Investment
  • ERP-Agnostic including capability with all editions of Microsoft Dynamics  
  • Independent and portable  
  • No UI changes to roll out, no aggravation, or loss of productivity – when you change ERPs, the payroll platform adapts to the new system

Uniquely Designed

  • Compliance at the Core - From union contracts to region-specific pay rules and shifting legislative landscapes, we’ll navigate the most complex compliance challenges so you don’t have to.  
  • Real-Time Processing - Run payroll more efficiently, allowing your employees to get paid faster with calculations ran in the cloud, in real-time. Get instant previews and make adjustments on the fly!  
  • Flexibility - Run payroll and HR operations on your terms, issue off-cycle checks, unlimited pay runs, configurable workflows, and more!
  • Customer Service - Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of support and satisfaction possible has earned us outstanding reviews on Capterra, G2, and GetApp.  

Want to learn more about Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform? Contact or visit for information.  

Watch the on-demand webinar, Eliminate the Payroll Jugging Act.

Download the slide deck, Eliminate the Payroll Juggling Act: Tips & Tricks.

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