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Increase Employee Retention through Greenshades Onboarding Webinar Recap

Jerika Holton
Apr 21, 2023

Senior HR Product Manager Katie McGinnis and Product Marketing Manager Jerika Holton walked through how the onboarding experience can help increase employee retention and shared the new enhancements to the Greenshades Onboarding Module. According to research done by Zippia, organizations with a strong onboarding process increase new hire retention by 82% and improve productivity by 70%.  

Watch the On-Demand Webinar:

How Onboarding Can Help Increase Employee Retention

Along with the new features introduced in the webinar Greenshades has existing functionality that can help support employee retention.  

enhance the onboarding experience

Configurable Workflows

Make the onboarding process concise by requiring only the information important for the role. Add in steps specific to the position or documents your organization chooses to collect.

Adding Your Companies Personal Touch

Give new hires a feel for your company culture by adding in your company colors, logos, videos, or documentation to communicate core values and company perks.

Easy Documentation Upload

Make uploading complex documentation easy. Federal forms like W-4 and I-9s are required by law to be collected during the onboarding process, we make it easy for employees to submit information and sign documents. You can also choose to upload role specific documentation such as parking forms or information that must be submitted before the new hire can begin work.

What’s New with Greenshades Onboarding?

The new enhanced onboarding experience comes with enhanced functionality to make the process easy for new hires.

mobile responsive onboarding

Allowing Employees to Get Started Without an Account

Employees can enter personal information to gain access to the onboarding workflow, so there is no need to remember a login to complete the process.

No More Timeout

Employees can walk away from the onboarding process and come back without losing progress and having to start over. This takes out the hassle of having to complete the process multiple times.

An Even More User-Friendly Interface

We gave the onboarding workflow a facelift. Employees can enjoy easy navigation and track where they are in the onboarding process.

Complete on Any Device, Anytime

Mobile and tablet friendly onboarding experience. No matter the size of the screen you are using, the workflow will adjust to fit the screen! So, you can complete complex forms such as W-4 and I-9 documents with ease.


The webinar was filled with intriguing questions that you can review here.

FAQ header

Watch the full on-demand webinar to get more information and to see a preview of the new onboarding module.

Download the presentation here.

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