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How Greenshades Tackles Multi-Company

Jerika Holton
Mar 10, 2023

For businesses with multiple entities, keeping track of HR and payroll operations can be a laborious ordeal. However, with the right software, managing multi-company operations can be a breeze. We'll explore the benefits of using payroll and HR software that supports multi-company functionality and how it can help you streamline your operations.

How Greenshades Handles Multi-company

Keep your multi-company accounts separate while easily managing them under one umbrella inside the Greenshades system. With multi-company support, businesses can easily manage different EINs for different entities or departments, without the need for separate software instances.

  • Enter your company EIN
  • Set up as many workspaces as needed to support your multi-company
  • Each workspace is assigned a workspace ID to easily navigate between different companies

Inside the drop-down menu, the parent company can select between the different workspaces to easily switch between company accounts. Inside the system, you control who has access to which accounts.

The Benefits of Managing Multi-Companies with Greenshades

One Solution with Multi-Company Functionality

Implementation can be expensive so it is beneficial to be able to house all companies with one provider, and one account. Train employees on one system, pay one implementation fee, and if an employee moves to a different part of the multi-company, there will be no learning curve to understand a new system.  

Create as many workspace IDs as your company needs. Some providers may have a limit on the number of workspaces you can have, but with Greenshades there is no limit.  

Keep Operation Separate

Every business has unique processes, even businesses inside a multi-company. No two businesses are the same, so having the ability to run business operations for each workspace ID on your terms allows each business to still operate in its own unique way while being under one EIN.


Report on each business separately to gain deeper clarity into financials and labor performance. Running reports for each EIN separately allows you to compare results across multiple companies to identify areas of opportunity.

The Greenshades Solutions


Greenshades Software allows your organization to process payroll in a simple workflow. The smart payroll wizard automatically calculates federal, state, and local payroll taxes. Built on compliance, submit your pay run with confidence and peace of mind. Automatically adhere to location-specific overtime compliance, minimum wage requirements, and other FLSA guidelines. The open API allows you to send payroll results to your ERP or accounting system of choice for easy transfer of information.

Human Resources

Save time and streamline your HR operations by managing your recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, certification and license tracking, and HR documents all in one location. While empowering your employees with solutions such as an employee self-service portal and learning management.  

Benefits Management

Take the hassle out of open enrollment for your employees with Greenshades Benefits Management software. By providing clear insights into eligible plans, employees can make confident decisions when self-enrolling. Moreover, our software automatically notifies employees when it's time to adjust or re-enroll in benefits, simplifying the process of reporting key life events or re-enrolling via the self-service portal.

Tax and Compliance

Greenshades software is built to uphold compliance for minimum wage, unlimited garnishments, overtime compliance, ACA provisions, and more. Support employees working across various jurisdictions with the proper local, state, and federal payroll tax withholdings. When year-end forms come around, our software collects and validates your data, creates forms, and allows for easy reviews, bulk updates, and SSN verification so you can easily distribute forms. Inside the payroll tax software, process annual and quarterly federal and state unemployment forms, and new hire reporting.

Time and Labor Management

Our robust timesheets track more than hours worked. Easily track shift differentials, overtime, location-specific overtime and break-rules, shifts crossing midnight, holidays worked, and much more. Managers can easily review and approve timesheets before sending the information to the payroll software.  

Is Greenshades Right for Your Multi-Company?

With the Greenshades multi-company feature, businesses can easily switch between different EINs and perform tasks such as running reports, managing benefits, and processing payroll, all from a single software platform. The multi-company feature enables you to manage all your operations from one platform, simplifying the process of switching between different entities and tasks.

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