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Greenshades vs ADP

Jerika Holton
Jan 24, 2023

With so many payroll and HR providers in the market, it is important that you find a solution that best suits your business needs.

Comparing Greenshades Software and ADP side-by-side you will see that the product offerings are very similar, both offer cloud payroll and HR solutions. But there are key differences to point out when it comes to evaluating which solution is best for your business. In this competitor blog series, you will explore how Greenshades stacks up against our peers in the mid-market HCM space.  

Funding Payroll

One main difference between Greenshades and ADP is that Greenshades offer real-time payroll, you do not need to pre-fund a payroll tax account, which gives you the ability to keep and control your cash flow. Instead of providing “float" you will be alerted when your payroll taxes are due, instead of holding onto your funds. You will be notified of any upcoming payment deadline, where you can easily schedule the payment yourself and pay directly from your funds without a pre-funded account. To learn more about real-time payroll with Greenshades, check out

With solutions such as ADP, you are required to fund an account for payroll taxes. Payroll providers that require a float do come with an advantage, like not having to remember due dates, since your funds are already being held. However, you lose control of your payroll cash flow since the funds are impounded until your payroll and taxes are due. Additionally, you do not earn interest on that money during the time the funds are held.  

Value for Your Money

Your payroll and HR software should save your team time and money, not empty your wallets. Greenshades offers a solution for your business that won’t break the bank. There is no confusing list of costly add-on services or additional fees. With payroll implementation and support at no extra cost; Yu pay per number of employees per month (on an annual contract), saving you money.

ADP can be costly for many small businesses due to implementation costs, and extra fees. There are many options for package and add-on services that can make it hard to understand what your true cost will be, and with extra charges for certain functions like additional pay runs, the fees can add up over time.


With Greenshades, you are not just another number, we understand the payroll process is unique to each business. You can run the payroll on your terms with unlimited pay runs at no extra charge, unscheduled bonuses, or even termination pay. The payroll solution is built to handle complex payroll calculations for overtime, shift differentials, and more. You and your team will be equipped with the tools to run the payroll when unexpected and complex payroll situations arise.  

For small to medium-sized businesses ADP offers a solution that is suited to serve their large customer base, instead off or your specific business needs. Your business can be slowed down by not having the ability to run off-scheduled payments on your terms. Paying extra fees for extra pay runs and off-cycle payments can also become costly to your company if you deal with seasonal hiring or high churn.


Greenshades is built with a compliance focus. Today’s compliance scenarios are becoming increasingly complex, especially with a growing deskless and remote workforce. The Greenshades payroll solution automatically deducts taxes based on jurisdiction and supports unlimited garnishments such as child support and proper minimum wage compliance. The robust timesheets collect hours worked from even the most complicated schedules. The hours worked are then populated into your payroll software to properly calculate overtime or shift differentials. Greenshades ACA dashboard gives you real-time insights so you can uphold ACA compliance year around.

ADP offers a comprehensive solution, ADP SmartCompliance, to help you stay in line with compliance. ADP SmartCompliance is an add-on service to your payroll platform that integrates with most payroll, HR, ERP, and financial systems to help companies stay compliant through ACA, wage garnishments, payroll taxes, and more.  SmartCompliance is a great system but since it is an add-on service you can extra fees for using the service.

Who Comes Out on Top? 

Both Greenshades and ADP provide a payroll solution that supports businesses of various sizes and across many industries. Payroll has been elevated from a strictly transactional function to one that can play a strategic role in attracting and retaining employees. When it comes to evaluating which solution is best for your business, you must ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will my business benefit from holding onto our cash flow?
  • Will my business benefit from an automated pre-funded payroll account work better?
  • Do I need the ability to make business changes without contacting support?
  • Is compliance important to my company?

Want to learn more about how Greenshades compares to ADP? Contact us at

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