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Press Release: Greenshades to Offer Certification Management

John Smith
January 4, 2022
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Greenshades Software, a leader in payroll, HR, and compliance solutions for midsized companies, is proud to announce a new certification tracking module. The Greenshades employee self-service platform now includes functionality allowing users to track and house expiration dates for certifications, licenses, vaccinations, and more.
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The new certification and license management feature fills a gap in the current document management tool. With the certification tracking tool, employees can keep up with compliance tasks. This is especially important with new federal vaccine mandate requirements. Companies can also monitor local and state compliance guidelines using Greenshades built-in features for COVID-19 test tracking and vaccine status.

The certification tracking feature stores documents and runs daily automated reports to notify the system (or anyone you want– admins, managers, and/or employees) of compliance violations within a set expiration period. This entirely new module and will be accessible on an employees’ card. The system can be set up to assign compliance requirements for certifications/licenses/vaccines automatically based on the employees’ position but can also be added directly to the employee’s card. This level of automation takes the ease off the administrator during onboarding and makes for an easier process for employers who onboard multiple employees at once.

The certification management module also offers a reporting dashboard for administrators’ compliance information. Administrators will now have full visibility into expired items that need immediate action, items expiring soon, and total compliance items, as well as a plethora of other reports, to give them a 360 view of their employee’s compliance so they are never in the dark.

Organizations need to ensure that payroll and HR practitioners are well-versed and up to date on the nuance and compliance-sensitive space of taxes,” said Greenshades Chief Product Officer Frank Villavicencio. “Particularly those managing payroll in-house. Certifications convey meaningful confidence that their payroll teams will minimize compliance and financial risks.

See how the how the Greenshades Certification Module Works

About Greenshades: Greenshades payroll and HR software is the independent, cloud-based solution companies can rely on. With robust employee self-service, proactive compliance, and a customizable, streamlined interface, Greenshades delivers an ideal payroll experience for Microsoft Dynamics and other ERPs users. That’s why more than 4,000 clients with an average tenure of 11+ years trust Greenshades. Learn more by clicking here.

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