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Press Release: Greenshades Software Announces New Logo and Launches New Website

May 5, 2022

Refreshed visual identity designed to reflect the company's growth and expansion.

A key element of the company's recent growth includes extending the functionality of its core Payroll and HR platform to encompass more applications and services. Through a combination of Greenshades-developed enhancements and a growing portfolio of applications available via its marketplace, Greenshades offers a true "hire-to-retire" environment for employers and the workers they support.

"We wanted to develop a brand identity that is both more contemporary and emblematic of the company's expanding role in the market," said David Rosas, co-founder, and President of Greenshades Software. "Our new offerings have fueled significant year-over-year growth, but we also believe it's important to honor our payroll roots and the 3,800+ clients who have supported us for decades. The changes we've announced today strike that balance."

In addition to a refreshed logo and brand experience, the company has also launched an entirely new website, reimagined to better reflect the diverse roles of Greenshades' clientele.

"We've been investing heavily in extending our platform, enabling us to support a broader array of payroll and HR professionals," said Andrew Roe, Greenshades' Chief Revenue Officer. "Our new site showcases this enhanced functionality and provides a great foundation for future growth. In the weeks and months to come, we'll add new content, new educational resources, and announce new partnerships that will further extend our ability to support small and mid-sized employers."

The company's new branding will also extend to its product suite, enhancing the already strong clarity and usability features of the Greenshades platform. Through these enhancements, employers will be better equipped to support the evolving employee engagement, utilization, and autonomy needs of today's workforce.

For more information and to experience the branding changes first-hand, visit Greenshades at

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