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Greenshades at Community Summit: A Veteran's Perspective on Dynamics and the Future

Mandy Haberkamp
Nov 16, 2023

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The annual Community Summit North America 2023 was from October 15th to the 20th. With over two decades of participation and numerous summits under our belt, Greenshades, dressed in our iconic green Hawaiian shirts, attended this dynamic event. As an experienced attendee, I've witnessed Summit evolve over the years, and this year was no exception.

The Unique Essence of Community Summit

With over 5,000 Microsoft Dynamics users and partners, Community Summit is unparalleled in its stature. This year felt like we were getting back to pre-COVID times!  

But what continues to make it stand out year after year?

For Users, By Users: Attendee-driven content sparks enriching interactions. The engagement from attendees, be it on the show floor, the hallways, or during sessions, speaks volumes about the platform's relevancy.

Decreasing Complexity for Deliverable Results: Summit's primary aim has always been to break down the intricacies of the Microsoft ecosystem, ensuring that attendees walk away with clear, actionable insights.

A Reflection of your Microsoft Journey: Catering to all – from beginners to veterans – Summit's content resonates with every individual's unique journey with Microsoft.

Community Summit Triangle

Dynamics and Greenshades: An Unwavering Commitment

For us at Greenshades, Community Summit is an opportunity to not just represent but also to rejuvenate our dedication to the Microsoft community. Our solutions, built with an emphasis on Microsoft payroll, HR, and tax, have been a beacon for businesses for years. The numerous testimonials we received at Summit only reaffirm our belief in our offerings. Many conversations at our booth revolved around businesses wanting to move to Business Central (BC) and upgrade their GP, Solomon or other legacy ERP system. The recurring theme? While companies cherish GP, the need to innovate and evolve is paramount, often starting with payroll enhancements.

Greenshades at Community Summit NA

Highlights and Looking Ahead

The influx of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) traditionally associated with other ERP ecosystems growing into the Microsoft Dynamics platform, confirmed the attraction of this business management ecosystem. Notable sessions spanned Power Platform, AI, and leveraging tools like PowerBI to make the most of your Microsoft solution.  

Balancing the Dynamics-specific content with the emerging tech was a challenge, with content from tracks sometimes being overwhelming. Yet, it highlighted the vastness and depth of topics that Summit encapsulates. There was an unmistakable buzz around Dynamics 365 F&O as an alternative to BC.


As always, Community Summit is not just an event but an experience, an affirmation of our commitment to continually empower businesses. This year, the event felt refreshingly pre-COVID in its ambiance. With next year’s Summit slated for San Antonio, we're gearing up for another exciting year. Join Greenshades in our unwavering mission and journey in the Microsoft realm, as we keep pace with the ever-evolving world of payroll, HR, and tax solutions complimenting all of your Dynamics ERP.

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