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Expert Answers About Year-End Forms | Webinar Recap | Year-End Series

Jerika Holton
Jan 12, 2024

In the latest installment of Greenshades' Year-End series, 'Year-End Forms Unplugged: Your Questions, Expert Answers', we were delighted to welcome esteemed tax and compliance experts Alisha Rocks, Chris Hadden, and Laura Detsch. This interactive session focused on addressing a range of topics submitted by attendees, offering in-depth insights and professional solutions to essential questions about year-end forms.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar here:

changes to filing requirements

E-File Requirements Update

Starting January 1, 2024, the e-filing threshold is reduced from 250 to 10 returns, affecting all returns cumulatively. Check your state requirements for specific mandates.

IRS switch from FIRE to IRIS

Introduction of New 1099 Portal

In response to the lowered e-filing threshold, the IRS has launched a new system to facilitate the increased volume of electronic filings.

1095-C ACA codes

Deep Dive into 1095-C and 1095-B Forms

We explored the nuances of these forms, essential for reporting health insurance coverage details, including coverage offered, employee contributions, and coverage months. Form 1095-B, crucial for stating minimum health insurance coverage, was also discussed in detail.

other important year-end updates

Strategies to Avoid Filing Delays

Social Security Administration and IRS Changes to Social Security Verification. As previously communicated - The SSA and IRS have rolled out changes to the SSNV and TINV process. Due to these changes when running SSNV and TINV through Greenshades please allow for a 2-business day turnaround time. Validating this information as early as possible will streamline year-end reporting and year-end form distribution.

  • Validation is available through Greenshades Online - Year-End Forms Portal
  • Greenshades Tax Filing Center and Greenshades Dynamics Payroll Inspector will also allow the same SSNV process

If you want to ensure you are licensed appropriately - please reach out to Greenshades Sales team. If you are ready to begin the validation process - please reach out to Greenshades Support to get the process started!

steps to filing w-2s with greenshades

Filing Made Easy with Greenshades

We showcased how Greenshades simplifies filing W-2 and 1099 forms, offering tools for validation, concern checks, and streamlined form distribution.


  • 1095 ACA Codes: For additional guidance, refer to the IRS website.
  • Do I need Paper Forms If Employees View Forms Digitally: No need for paper copies if employees consent to digital receipt.
  • E-File Threshold: The e-file requirement is cumulative across all forms.
  • Consent for Electronic W2s: Yes, employee consent is required.
  • Partial Printing with Greenshades: Selective printing of W-2 forms is possible through the year-end forms checklist.
  • 1099 Forms Printing: Greenshades supports printing 1099 forms, even if W-2s are distributed digitally.
  • Greenshades Filing Portal Availability: The year-end forms portal is currently open.
  • Year-End Forms (YEF) Pricing: Pricing varies; our sales team can provide specific details.
  • Support for 940/941s: This service is available outside our year-end form portal.
  • State Support for 1099 Filing: Greenshades supports 1099 filing in every required state.
  • E-Filing W-2 Forms: Necessary for filing 10 or more returns.
  • 1099-K Change Delay: This change is postponed to the next filing year.  
  • Duration Greenshades Holds Forms: Returns are filed promptly, with some held if necessary.
  • Digital Access to 1095-C Forms: Available in the employee self-service portal.
  • Paper Form Envelopes: Greenshades provides the correct envelopes for distribution.
  • Opting into Electronic W2 Viewing: Employees can change preferences in the self-service portal.
  • Contact for W2 Queries for CMIC: CMIC will always be your first point of contact, then CMIC will reach out to Greenshades as needed.
  • Separating Compensation Types for 1099: Consult myHRcounsel or another legal provider for advice.

This webinar was an invaluable resource for anyone with questions on how to navigate the complexities of year-end form filing with ease and confidence. Stay tuned for more insights and expert guidance from Greenshades. Have more questions or interested in filing? Contact us today!

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