Employee and Income Verification, Now at Your Fingertips

October 7, 2020
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If you’re an employer, you’ve probably been asked at some point to verify a worker’s employment status or income. In fact, you’ve probably dealt with this sort of request more than once. If one of your employees applies for a mortgage, car loan, or government assistance, they must provide proof of employment and/or income, and that verification task falls to you, the employer. Depending on how many employees you have and how many life-changing events they experience, this process can become time-consuming for your HR staff.

Now for the good news. If you’re a Greenshades customer, the hassle of employee verification is no longer a problem for you. Greenshades is happy to announce the addition of VerifyDay by EmpInfo to our software platform. For no extra cost, you can now access VerifyDay through your normal Greenshades interface. Once you’ve activated it, it’s ready to use.

VerifyDay works by automating the employment and income verification process while also safeguarding your employees’ privacy. When the employee applies for, say, a mortgage, they usually consent to the employment and income verification with a signature. Next, authenticated Verifiers, mortgage lenders in this example, login to VerifyDay to make the verification request. VerifyDay retrieves the requested information securely from Greenshades on your behalf and sends it to the Verifier. The employee’s mortgage process can then continue.

The benefits to activating VerifyDay include:

  • A generally faster turnaround time for verification requests because the process is automated
  • Access to the information 24/7/365, so Verifiers can get what they need and expedite decisions regardless of time zones or working hours
  • Much less work for your HR employees, as they will no longer have to manually fill verification requests
  • Privacy protection, since the Verifiers are authenticated by VerifyDay and the process is secure

Since activating VerifyDay through your Greenshades platform doesn’t cost you anything, it just makes sense to start taking advantage of this service. Be sure to opt-in and get started with VerifyDay so your employees’ income and employment verification can be as simple and smooth as possible. If you’re not currently a Greenshades customer, check out our payroll and HR platform and see how Greenshades can take the headaches out of HR and payroll for you.

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