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Design Updates from the Greenshades Product Team

Philip O’Neill
Aug 8, 2023
5 min

Author: Philip O’Neill

About the Author: Philip leads the product design team at Greenshades. With a broad background in digital design, Phil brings a user-centric approach to UX designs, ensuring that end users' needs are at the forefront of his creative process.

In this blog, Philip highlights some of the key User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) updates achieved by the dedicated Greenshades product team during the past two years. Our agile product development cycle has allowed our top-tier product designers to focus on quick wins and prioritize improvements that bring real business value. Let’s dive into the key highlights of those updates now.

Green Employee Updates

Since Philip started with Greenshades, one of the major focus areas has been Green Employee, our self-service portal. The web version lacked adaptation for mobile platforms, creating difficulties for users who primarily accessed it through their mobile devices. Client feedback highlighted the need for modernization to improve user access and functionality.

Our product team started by creating a new design library, establishing a strong foundation for typography, color, responsiveness behavior, and core components. This library became the backbone of all updates for Green Employee, transforming the product into a modern solution.

Creating a responsive navigation system to enable users to seamlessly move around the site on both mobile and desktop devices was a top priority. This immediate improvement was well-received by users, making all interactions with Green Employee much more intuitive and efficient.

Updates to Sign-in, Onboarding, and Benefits

Building on this success, attention turned to other essential aspects of Green Employee, including sign-in, onboarding, and benefits enrollment. With the guidance of product manager, Katie, the team prioritized updates that not only improved the user experience but also addressed client concerns.

Features

To enhance security and minimize password reset requests, improvements were introduced to the sign-in process, leading to more successful logins.

Onboarding Features

Onboarding, along with the new sign-in service, provided a mobile-friendly experience that users could easily complete on their most ubiquitous device - their mobile phones. Behind-the-scenes lookups preserved onboarding progress and directed users to complete the necessary tasks.

Benefits Features

Currently in development, benefits enrollment will extend the first-day work experience by allowing efficient selection of options with a focus on making elections more helpful and clear.

Following this, our attention will turn to making the remaining key functions of Green Employee responsive.

Greenshades Online

In addition to our efforts with Green Employee, the Greenshades product team is committed to updating Greenshades Online. Some of the completed improvements include:

  • An improved experience for General Ledger setup
  • A new payments home in the system dashboard
  • Enhanced setup of Year End Forms
  • A new information architecture for one-click access between functional units
  • Elimination of a left navigation unit to optimize screen real estate.

Looking ahead, we aim to roll out our evolving component library to all Greenshades Online experiences in the long term.

Future Updates with Greenshades

At Greenshades, we strive to continue improving our solutions and making necessary updates to enhance the lives of our clients. Our focus is on providing real business value through thoughtful design and continuous improvement. The future of Greenshades is exciting, and we invite you to schedule a demo to explore all the benefits of our latest updates.

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