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Charting the Future: Greenshades’ Key Insights from Sage Transform 2024

Danica Weappa
Mar 8, 2024
8 min

In a landscape where change is the only constant, Sage Transform 2024 stood out not just as an event, but as a beacon of innovation, guiding the way for finance leaders to navigate the complexities of modern business. This year's conference artfully wove together sessions that, while distinct in their focus, shared a common theme: the transformative power of technology in finance.

Revolutionizing Finance Across Industries

At the heart of the conference was the unveiling of Sage Copilot, an advanced generative AI integrated into the Sage Intacct accounting system. This tool exemplifies the technological leap forward, allowing users to ask complex questions and receive accurate, instantaneous answers. Aaron Harris, in his keynote, highlighted the transformative potential of such innovations, even pointing attendees to a fun and insightful website,, which showcases AI's capability to tailor solutions to specific situations.

This year's CEO keynote addressed the central role of finance leaders in steering businesses through an ever-tightening economic landscape, emphasizing the need for adaptability and innovation in managing change. By comparing the historical shifts from steam to electricity, computers, and now AI, the keynote underscored the ongoing revolution in business processes, with AI being hailed as "our revolution."

Empowering Verticals with Strategic Focus

Sage's commitment to industry-specific needs was prominently featured, showcasing how its innovations empower not just businesses in general but cater to the unique challenges of specific verticals such as nonprofits, healthcare, and professional services.

Nonprofits: Sage continues to deepen its dedication to the nonprofit sector, as highlighted by Mike Smith, SVP of Finance and Accounting at Operation HOPE. Smith's testimony on the impact of Sage Intacct's automations on his organization underlines the platform's ability to enable nonprofit leaders to focus on strategic initiatives rather than get bogged down by the tactical aspects of finance management. Sage's 2024 survey on the nonprofit industry echoed this sentiment, revealing a strong interest in automating financial reporting and integrating systems to free up valuable time for more meaningful work.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry faces its own set of challenges, with cost control and efficiency being paramount. Sage Transform 2024 shed light on the necessity of leveraging technology like payroll solutions within Sage Intacct to reduce administrative costs and streamline operations. The conference highlighted the need for a fully integrated solution that provides a larger, connected view of business operations, thereby driving digital transformation through data. For healthcare providers, particularly with the diversification of doctors' compensation, the opportunity lies in utilizing payroll functionalities to manage and optimize utilization rates effectively.

Professional services: This session highlighted the industry's path to increased profitability and operational efficiency through technological advancements.  Sage Intacct demonstrated who it caters to the unique needs of professional services firms with features designed for improved project visibility, streamlined resource management, and efficient billing processes. Attendees were shown how real-time analytics and flexible, scalable solutions empower firms to optimize project margins, enhance decision-making, and focus on strategic growth. The insights provided underscored Sage Intacct's role not just as a tool, but as a strategic partner for professional services firms navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape, highlighting its potential to transform traditional practices into opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

Bridging the Gap with Greenshades

Greenshades fits seamlessly into each of these verticals, offering solutions that address the intricate challenges faced by nonprofits, healthcare providers, and professional services firms. Greenshades gives organizations the tools to manage complex payroll scenarios while bringing flexibility to Sage Intacct, enabling organizations to operate the way that works best for them.


Sage Transform 2024 has not just highlighted the strides Sage has made in integrating AI and technological advancements into its offerings but also showcased its deep understanding and commitment to addressing the unique challenges of various industries. Through sessions that intertwined seamlessly, attendees were offered a glimpse into a future where finance is not just about numbers but about strategic leadership, innovation, and making a meaningful impact in their respective fields.  

Get ready for a thrilling encore! Sage is shaking things up by moving its annual events back to the fall, kicking off with an exhilarating in-person event in Atlanta from November 5-8, 2024. The Sage 2024 encore will showcase the entire spectrum of their product offerings, featuring Sage 100, Sage X3, and Sage Intacct among others. And guess what? Greenshades will be there!

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