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Bullhorn Engage 2023: Embracing the Future of Recruitment with Greenshades and Bullhorn

Danica Weappa
Jun 13, 2023

Exploring Technology's Impact on Recruitment at Bullhorn Engage 2023

Bullhorn Engage 2023 took place in Boston during the first week of June, providing a great platform for learning and networking in the staffing and recruitment industry. The event offered valuable sessions, thought-provoking speeches, and interactive discussions, all centered around technology's role and automation's impact on recruitment's future. Greenshades was actively participating, presenting our newest integration with Bullhorn and discussing various topics with attendees.

At the event, keynote speaker Erik Weihenmayer personified the spirit of resilience. His classification of people into Quitters, Campers, and Climbers offered a powerful framework for personal and professional growth. As Weihenmayer insisted, being a Climber — someone who is relentless, growth-focused, and always ready to challenge themselves — is the key to scaling those "impossible barriers".

Bullhorn's Comprehensive Market Insights and Embracing Automation

The Bullhorn team, led by COO Matt Fischer and SVP of Product AI and Automation Jason Heilamn, painted a comprehensive picture of the current market situation, from rising inflation to the need for differentiation in a competitive landscape. The discussions reaffirmed the value of digitizing processes, implementing a unified system of record, and empowering both talent and clients through self-service options. The potential of AI was front and center, too, framed not as a threat to human-centric business but as a tool to enhance it.

Payroll, Tax Compliance, and Business Operations: The Balance

Our own VP of Revenue Operations, Chris Hadden, expanded on this theme during the speed round at Engage. Drawing an intriguing parallel between the complexities of baseball pitching and business operation, he highlighted the balance needed to manage the intricacies of payroll and tax compliance, likening the challenge to maintaining control over a pitch.

With Bullhorn payroll powered by Greenshades, Chris argued that businesses can gain the control they need, avoiding common pitfalls like underpaying employees, missing tax deadlines, or incurring fees from off-cycle payrolls. The integrated solution gives businesses the means to manage everything from onboarding candidates to meeting payroll and tax compliance obligations, without the risk of "throwing out your arm".

Embracing Innovation and the Future of Recruitment

Art Papas, Bullhorn's CEO, showcased an album cover he'd created using a generative AI tool DALL-E2, pointing to the potential of new technologies for innovation and differentiation. His presentation emphasized the growing role of automation and AI in shaping the future of recruitment, from enabling business agility to staying ahead of evolving job demands.

Resilience, Innovation, and the Future

Bullhorn Engage 2023 served as a powerful testament to the resilience of the recruitment industry and the exciting innovations on the horizon. Greenshades is proud to be part of this dynamic landscape, pushing boundaries and helping businesses navigate an ever-changing market. As Erik Weihenmayer reminded us, we must all strive to be Climbers, ever-ready to grow, explore, and overcome challenges.

Experience the Power of Greenshades Bullhorn One Integration

If you didn't get a chance to visit our booth at Engage Boston, don't worry! Check out this video which provides a glimpse into the mechanics of our Bullhorn One integration. Discover how Greenshades resolves complex billing and invoicing issues, accommodates unique client requests, and streamlines processes to free up more time for meaningful conversations.

Revolutionize your payroll and HR processes with the Greenshades Bullhorn One integration.

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