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Unlock the Benefits of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit with Payroll Precision

Hannah Walk
Sep 19, 2023
5 mins

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) isn't just another federal tax credit. It's a golden ticket for businesses wanting to make a profound impact. At its core, WOTC encourages employers to tap into the wealth of talent among American job seekers, some of whom have historically faced barriers to employment. By hiring from this pool, you not only promote diversity but also enjoy significant tax advantages, ensuring that both your business and new employees thrive together.


Imagine receiving a tax credit equivalent to 40% of wages, capped at a substantial $6,000. That’s what WOTC offers. This means a potential windfall of up to $2,400 for every qualifying individual in their first year of employment. If that wasn't enticing enough, consider this: for eligible veterans, the credit can shoot up to an astounding $24,000. There's undeniable value waiting for businesses willing to invest in targeted groups, such as veterans, disabled workers, ex-felons, and several others outlined by the IRS.

How to Dive In

1. Pre-screening:
Before you can claim the WOTC, you'll need to certify that your new hire belongs to one of the IRS’s targeted groups. This involves a pre-screening process, submitting Form 8850 and Form 9061 or 906 before or on the day of hiring. It's an essential step, ensuring that you're promoting diversity while positioning your business to maximize its tax incentives.

2. WOTC Eligibility:
To fully grasp the value of WOTC, it's crucial to understand the finer details. If a new hire from a targeted group contributes between 120 to 400 hours to your organization, you're looking at a 25% rate on their wages. Any more than 400 hours, and you're eligible for the full 40%.

3. Reporting with Greenshades:
Navigating WOTC can be intricate, but with the right partner, it becomes a breeze. That's where Greenshades enters the frame. By consolidating all payroll data on a single, secure platform, you have at your fingertips the evidence needed to satisfy WOTC reporting obligations. Historical payroll records, employee work hours - it's all there, ensuring you never miss out on claiming what's rightfully yours.

4. Claiming Your Credits:
Once you're ready, use Form 5884 or Form 3380 to request your work opportunity credit, linked to eligible wages paid to new hires in their first or second year.

Begin Your WOTC Journey

In a world where business growth and diversity are intertwined, WOTC offers an avenue to achieve both. With the expertise of Greenshades, you're set to explore this opportunity with precision, ensuring maximum returns and fostering a diverse, dynamic workforce.

Interested in diving deeper? Reach out to Greenshades today, and let’s discuss how our payroll software can elevate your WOTC experience.

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