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Automate Invoicing from Greenshades Payroll with GraVoc Billing Platform | Webinar Recap

Danica Weappa
Nov 15, 2023

Greenshades recently partnered with GraVoc to demonstrate how organizations can leverage integrated payroll, HR, and ERP systems to optimize operations. The webinar offered an in-depth exploration of how Greenshades Payroll data seamlessly transforms into configurable invoices within Dynamics 365 Business Central through automation powered by GraVoc's billing platform. By automating billing, GraVoc’s solution enables companies to enhance efficiency and avoid manual file transfers, duplicate entries, and timesheet manipulation.

Watch the full webinar here:

Overview of Greenshades Payroll and Business Central Integration

Chris Hadden of Greenshades provided an overview of Greenshades' payroll, HR, benefits, and compliance solutions. He explained how the platform integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to sync employee, financial, and jobs data.

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

David Laster of GraVoc described Business Central as an ERP system optimized for the cloud. Key features relevant for staffing firms include robust financial reporting, analytics, and the ability to capture detailed job and billing data.

GraVoc's Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll

GraVoc's billing platform connects Greenshades payroll data to Business Central for automated invoice generation. The tool matches customer billing rates to employee pay codes and imports payroll transactions to create invoices populated with payee details.

The session demonstrated how to leverage the Gravoc platform for seamless information synchronization, thereby eliminating the risk of duplicate entries and enhancing billing efficiency.

How the Integration Works

The Greenshades platform sends employee, financial, and jobs data directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central. GraVoc's billing platform connects to Greenshades via API after each payroll run.

It pulls paycheck records into Business Central and links to billing cards containing customer details. After validating the data, GraVoc generates invoices per the billing card configuration. Invoices are emailed and posted for accounts receivable, general ledger, and reporting. Download the brochure Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll & D365 Business Central.

Benefits for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

For staffing and recruiting firms, the integration empowers accurate cost tracking and billing for temporary placements. It simplifies pay-to-bill workflows and provides deep visibility through Role Centers, Power BI, and financial reports.

Automating Operations from Hire to Retire

Together, Greenshades and GraVoc provide an integrated solution covering payroll, HR, ERP, and billing. This automates critical business processes from hire to retire for improved efficiency.

Ready to transform billables to payables workload management? Contact Greenshades to learn more about integrated payroll, HR, tax, and ERP solutions.

For more details and images of the integration in action -->Download the complete webinar deck here.

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