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4 Features of the New Benefits Management Module

Jerika Holton
Dec 5, 2022

We are excited to announce that we have updated our Green Employees Benefits Module. Greenshades has enhanced the current Benefits Module by updating it to a sleek design that gives employees a user-friendly experience.

New features include:

  • Full Transparency- View how much employees currently pay for benefits per check and the number of dependents.  
  • Quick Overview- All your current enrolled benefits are now displayed on the opening screen for easy viewing. See which benefits have been approved and the benefits that are still in the approval process.
  • All Benefits in One Place- Easily view benefits available to you that you are not currently enrolled in.
  • Qualifying Life Events- With a click of a button, access the simple workflow for reporting key qualifying life events.

“Understanding benefits can be a challenge for so many people. We want to help improve this employee experience. Greenshades goal was to make it easy to understand what the employee's cost per paycheck was and what they were currently enrolled in and to easily see the details in a manageable format. And we wanted to make it accessible from any device they view their Green Employee on.”

-Katherine Mcginnis, HR and Benefits Product Manager

In conclusion

Greenshades' new Benefits Management Module is a game-changer for businesses seeking to streamline and elevate their employee benefits administration. This module offers a range of powerful features designed to simplify the complexities of benefits management and enhance the overall employee experience.

From its intuitive interface to its comprehensive reporting capabilities, this module provides HR professionals with the tools they need to efficiently manage benefits, enrollments, and compliance. The integration of data with other HR and payroll functions ensures accuracy and consistency across the board.

Furthermore, the self-service portal empowers employees to take control of their benefits, making the process more transparent and convenient for everyone involved. As organizations continue to prioritize employee well-being and benefits packages, Greenshades' Benefits Management Module stands as a valuable asset in achieving these goals.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities this module offers and consider how it can transform your benefits administration processes. Greenshades remains committed to innovation and excellence in HR and payroll solutions, and we are excited to continue supporting your organization's success. Thank you for choosing Greenshades as your trusted partner in HR and payroll management.

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